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The Herbalizer Limited Edition vaporizer gives you the freedom of choice and the luxury of having two vapes in one. Quickly and easily you can switch from using a whip or a vapor balloon within seconds. And that’s only the beginning...

One of the most remarkable features of the Herbalizer is that it heats up in seconds! Compared to other vaporizers its size, which normally take 3-5 minutes, The Herbalizer is ready in 5-10 seconds. That is an insanely fast heat up time.

The feature behind this quick heat up time on The Herbalizer is the advanced halogen light bulb. It has the capability of heating and cooling quickly, which allows it to not only reach temperature fast, but to maintain that temperature throughout your session.

Using the halogen bulb technology, The Herbalizer’s actual temperature is measured close to where your material is, where the chamber meets the unit, so you know you are vaping at your actual desired temperature. In addition, The Herbalizer has a computer built-in, which constantly monitors the temperature, keeping it within 5° above or below your temperature set no matter how hard you draw from the whip.

The vapor quality of The Herbalizer is tasty and smooth at any temperature set. With the precision temperature control you have the capability of creating the perfect experience that works for you.

The blend chamber on this unit is magnetic and attaches easily to the base of The Herbalizer. The chamber itself has a silicone grip, making it cooler to the touch and easy to handle even after use. The advantages of this chamber are the size and shape, it is designed for smaller quantities that obtain similar results, whereas other vaporizers require more material. Less material, more vapor. A winning combination.

The Herbalizer has two modes: Aromatherapy and Vaportherapy. The unit comes with a built-in compartment, which contains a bottle of essential oils for aromatherapy, a cleaning brush for Vaportherapy, and two pads for concentrates/oils. You will also receive 4 squeeze valve balloons and a 3 ft. silicone whip, just to name a few of the fun things that come with this awesome vape!

When you select aromatherapy, all you do is place a few drops of the essential oils onto the pad and set the timer. The built-in fan will do the rest. The fan, by the way, acts as another set of lungs for you when using the whip. If you’re feeling low on air, or it’s hard for you to take a big pull, simply push the button for the fan and let The Herbalizer does the work for you, gently delivering the vapor.

The squeeze valve balloons are convenient to use be cause they remain sealed until you “squeeze” the valve, hence the name squeeze valve. The vapor is completely contained until you decide to extract it. And if you’re in the mood to Freestyle, just place your material in the chamber, hit the fan, and let the vapor fill the room.

The Herbalizer comes with a full 2-Year warranty backing your new investment. In addition to that, The Herbalizer also has a 5-Year Quality Guarantee that is ONLY available with the Limited Edition. If an unlikely event occurs within 2-5 years of your purchase, you can send your unit back and get a replacement for half the price! With all the high-quality features and satisfying customer reviews, this multi-mode unit designed with a modern, sleek appearance makes The Herbalizer a must have! 


- 1 x Herbalizer Limited Edition Vaporizer

- 4 x SqueezeValve™ Balloons

- 1 x 3ft silicone whip

- 1 x Magnetic Bowl

- 2 x Aromapads

- 2 x Spare Bowl Screens

- 1 x Cleaning brush

- 1 x Power cord

- 1 x Blend grinder card

- 1 x Quick Start Guide

- 1 x Stash Box

- 1 x 2ml DeFunk essential oil

- 1 x Vaportherapy™ aroma blend


Made of a strong aluminum frame with glass pieces.



Made in the USA

Manufacturer's Warranty:

The Herbalizer has a 2 year limited product warranty which covers your vaporizer against defects in manufacturing, parts and labor under normal use.

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The Best Vaorizer I have used

  MrRare - Jun 25 2015, 16:24 PM

"The Herbalizer represents the pinnacle of vaporizer technology. The heat up time is instantaneous and the degree of temperature control is amazing. You can instantly raise or lower the temperature depending on the desired affect you are looking for. Used via the whip or the bags the vapor is dense flavorful and extremely tasty. I have several vaporizers and this is the only one you need!"

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