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The Eclipse Vape2O is a hand held anodized aluminum vaporizer designed exclusively for use with concentrates, liquids, and essential oils. The Eclipse Vape2O is similar to the Essential Vaaapp and shares its rock solid one-piece design but also includes glass attachments compatible with any water tool for extra vapor filtration. The extended length between the user and the glass heating chamber created by using with a water tool adds moisture to the vapor and gives it more time to cool down resulting in a clean, pure experience.

Don't forget to add extra vials to your order since you may quickly run out! Available in several colors.

Notes From Staff:

- The Eclipse is a versatile vaporizer that allows you to enjoy your essential oils or concentrates on the go but is not ideal for ground herbs. If you are looking for a portable hand held vape for herbs check out the Vapman or Magic Flight instead.
- Only those with experience should use a torch lighter with the Eclipse as the extreme heat can crack the vial and/or burn your oils. Beginners use any standard electronic butane lighter for best results.

- Please note the Rasta color is shown as the default image. Other colors are solid and not a "splash" scheme.

Why buy the Eclipse Vape2O from

- FREE BONUS #1: 6 Replacement Vials, the same vials that come with your Eclipse Vape, to make sure you always have a vial ready for use - only from!

- FREE BONUS #2: Heavy-Duty Mini Amber Glass Storage Jar (customer favorite) - only at!

- FREE Priority Shipping: To make sure you aren't waiting for your order, EZVapes gives you a free priority shipping upgrade with the purchase of any Eclipse, which arrives anywhere in the US within 1-3 business days. In conjunction with the free priority upgrade you get instantaneous tracking updates, including your tracking number once it is available, via email. If you want your Eclipse even faster we also have overnight shipping / next day delivery available.

- Vial Replacements: Aside from the 2 included vials and additional 6 vials (8 total) EZVapes includes for free, we have a full stock of replacement vials available for our customers ready to ship. Whether you misplace or break your vials we have orders as few as 6 official replacement vials (the same vials that come with the Eclipse Vape) available to you.

- Customer Service: At EZVapes we specialize in great customer service and have a team of vaporizer experts ready to assist you no matter how small the question or concern. We are open 10AM - 9PM EST Monday through Friday and can be reached either by phone or our live chat feature. If you need to contact us after normal business hours you can use our contact form or leave us a voice mail and a representative will get back to you first thing in the morning the next business day.


- Eclipse Vape2O Portable Vaporizer

- Mini Amber Glass Storage Jar

- Shock Proof Carrying Case

- 2 Glass Vials + 6 Free Vials (8 total)

- Extra O-Rings

- 4 Water Tool Adapter Stems

- Instruction Manual


The Eclipse Vape is constructed of anodized aluminum, utilizes a glass vial heating chamber, and requires a standard butane lighter as a heating element. 

Genuine Eclipse Parts and Accessories:

Essential Replacement Vials

Replacement Vials w/ Dropper Top

Eclipse Vape2O Parts and Accessories

More Accessories:

Electronic Lighters

Mega Pocket Torch

Ultra Light Pocket Torch

VOD Light Pocket Torch


Portable, Oil Vaporizer, Nebulizer, Direct Inhalation, Water Piece Compatible ("Traditional" and "Glass on Glass" attachments)


Under 1 lb


Essential Herbal Technologies LLC

Made in the USA

Manufacturer's Warranty:

Lifetime Warranty restricted to normal use.

Additional Manufacturer Information:

"Use Sensibly. THE Eclipse Vape is intended solely for the consumption of legal herbs and their essential oils."

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Awesome for wax

  Anonymous - May 11 2014, 10:37 AM

"I have the handheld eclipse, and finally got one of these for my rig. Love it. As has been said, this is really NOT for dry herb or even for concentrates in a liquid form. (they boil more easily and can be pulled into the housing, so it will require more cleaning) You can also get a J curve stem if you want to smoke this directly, or pop it on your rig ... but I would suggest against large scientific rigs, or multi-perc rigs. I have a small bubbler to cool the smoke, about the size of a normal front-end perc/precooler.. The vapor this thing put out is intense. Finally, dont burn your product. This thing is ideal for low-melt products since there is no material loss ... but this thing is made to vape, not combust. There should never be ash produced in the chamber, or a coal/ember. Used properly, most concentrates will reduce to virtually nothing, and even the 'residue' in the vial will be viable product. Just add another dab, and you are ready to keep going. "

Good for oil, not so good for herb

  William M - Oct 02 2012, 16:13 PM

"first off this vaporizer is meant for concentrates and essential oils. You can vape herb in it but it's very difficult, tastes bad, and more often than not burns. I find most people online using it for herbs and it baffles me. if you want a discreet little vape for herbs get a magic flight but if you want one for oils and concentrates get this. I also have a health stone for oils but the eclipse works better with solid concentrates than the health stone (health stone just burns it) but I do prefer the stone for liquids. Another thing I like about the eclipse over the health stone is it's more portable and you can put it on any watertool. The glass vials it uses are also great for storage and the can hold more than a health stone which makes them better for multiple people. The vials also aren't as fragile as they would seem. If you want a simple piece for concentrates that can be used with or without a watertool and is super portable get this."

Works like a champ

  TLC - Mar 10 2011, 14:44 PM

"New to vaping. The Eclipse is for intermediate users. Took a bit getting used to. Works well. Does a great job. No stank from burning herb. discreet. Flight box maybe easier for newbies!"

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