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Atmos RAW
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4.3 stars, based on 10 reviews
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The Atmos RAW is made not only for discreet herbal and concentrate sessions, but also for those who are constantly in a different place. The Atmos RAW, or Atmos RX, is the nomad's vaporizer. The small pen like size is perfect for throwing right in your jacket or pants pocket and simple one button operation makes a quick vaporizing session super easy. The Atmos RAW uses a small closed herb chamber that will quickly and evenly heat your material for a smooth and effective vaporizing experience.

There are no lighters, torches, paper, butane or heat up times, just give a quick simple press of the power button and you are good to go. In addition to being able to charge the rechargeable battery via a wall charger, there is even a USB charger included as well. Now you have a vaporizer that can not only go anywhere, but can charge anywhere too!

The RAW vaporizer comes with everything you need to get up and go with dry herbs and concentrates right out of the box, including the glass honeycomb screen to keep your herbs off of the red hot heating element. You can add the liquid attachment for some versatility to make the RAW a super efficient e-juice vape! Vaporizing on the run really has never been this simple and discreet. sells only genuine Atmos products.


- Atmos RAW Vaporizer

- Glass Honeycomb Screen

- EZVapes Rewritable Storage Jar

- Choice of Grinder

- Battery

- Ceramic Heating Chamber

- Chamber Connector

- Ceramic Filter

- Mesh Filter and Spring

- Rubber Mouthpiece

- Cleaning Brush Tool

- Packing Tool

- Wall Adapter

- USB Charger

- User Manual


The Atmos RAW has a sturdy aluminum build with a ceramic heating element.

Genuine Atmos RAW Parts and Accessories:

Leather Travel Case

Car Charger

Ceramic Filter

Mesh Filter

Oil Attachment

Glass Screen

Atmos RAW Parts and Accessories


Under 1 lb


Atmos RX

Manufacturer's Warranty:

30 day warranty on manufacturer defects with a 12 month replacement program.

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  Alonzo - Feb 20 2015, 07:36 AM

"is Amazing and very easy to use, and the black one is so discrete. atmos RAW Is tha Vaporizer i was looking for for a lot of time. And with the Atmos glass filters the burn is so lite and gentle . Thanks EZVAPES team."

Atmos Raw Review

  JimE - Sep 05 2014, 02:52 AM

"Small Convienient and easy to use. The Battery has a surprisingly long life and is very easily recharged. Sometimes the draw is a litttle stiff but in heneral it does all it says and does it well. The only drawbacks are that the Pen gets very hot with use and the chamber is small. The safety feature is especially nice preventing accidental burns and fifes. Except for those two items I would have awarded 5 stars."

nice device for smoking, combusting dry herb, vaping needs the glass screen

  mikencolo - Apr 22 2014, 17:45 PM

"i have two of these, picked them up six months back. first impression, looks good, feels nice in the hand and very easy to use. when used w/dry herb the heating coils make direct contact to the herb in the chamber so of course instead of vape you end up combusting/smoking the herb. if that is what you are looking for great. be sure to leave a third to half of the herb chamber empty e.g. don't overpack. i clean the chamber thoroughly once a day using the enclosed wire brush and a Q tip with some rubbing alcohol, takes but a couple of minutes. i do a thorough cleaning again using rubbing alcohol to clean the chamber better but to also clean the gunk out of the holes in the ceramic filter. don't overcharge it either, i was told two hours max and if i overcharged say three hours i would reduce the battery life. that said many have wrote saying that they were able to vape and not smoke when they purchased glass screens for the atmos. the screens set on top of the heating element giving it time to heat up and combust rather than immediately burning your herb. i like mine but they are imho best suited for smoking as opposed to vaping. do a serach online for the device and read reviews and customer feedback and you'll see my experience is pretty much the norm. if you truly want portable vaping at an affordable price try the magic flight launch box. if you want a nice kind of cool way to smoke dry herb then the atmos pen is rock solid in that respect."

Atmos Raw

  Anonymous - Mar 01 2014, 10:03 AM

"I like this pen vape, when I can get it to work, but it frequently will not work at all. I have had some success by using a specific procedure outlined in the manual: heating the unit through two cycles before attempting to draw; but often as not, I can't get any vapor at all. Stirring the mix, adjusting the mix volume, meticulous cleaning and frequent charging are sometimes effective, and the Atmos occasionally will work well for extended periods. At other times, no combination of procedures works, no vapor is produced and the frustration quotient is high. Comments? Helpful suggestions? As mentioned above, when the Atmos does work, I like it, even if it is not perhaps pure vapor. The flavor and volume produced are both excellent and non-cough-inducing with careful intake, odor is reduced and it is a convenient size. Holding the power button down for repeated heating is somewhat tiresome, but would be tolerable if it worked on every use. But half the time at least . . . nada is produced. I'm inclined to keep trying with this vape, but would appreciate any advice offered."

Best value in a portable vape

  Anonymous - Dec 30 2013, 22:42 PM

"We had bought this same brand of vaporizer a year or so ago at a local store for a much higher price. As a Christmas gift we bought a second in a different color. Obviously we like this make and model enough to get a second. It works quite well, it's sleek, simply to use, very efficient, has a USB plug, easy to clean, and this site offers them much more cheaply than retail. I was concerned that it might be a fake, but it works exactly like the first one we bought. Our only complaint is one that applies to nearly all portable vapes - small chamber. If you're passing it, you'll regularly need to stir and repack. That's not unique to this vape, though, so as far as portable vapes go, this is about as good as it gets."

Gets the job done

  Dean Barillaro - Dec 05 2013, 09:31 AM

"Great compact unit, works well to conserve product and very easy to use. Must mention that heating chamber is extremely fragile and would be a good idea to put a small screen on top of element. Waiting on replacement chamber now and I miss not having it to use."

Nice little vape pen

  K.C - Oct 05 2013, 20:19 PM

"Bought this vape pen about two weeks ago, and was quite surprised by the quality of it. Works very well with my dry herbs, only reason I didnt give it 5 stars is it is a little more difficult to pull from than others I have tried. Definitely still gets the job done!"

Descent device

  Anonymous - Aug 18 2013, 19:54 PM

"The atmos raw is a stealth way to smoke. But mine cumbusts when I use it without the glass screen. Even with the glass screen it makes it really Unnoticeable with the amount of vapor."

Solid concentrate user

  Jarvis Hunter - May 24 2013, 12:13 PM

"There were many review videos and written reviews on other websites. The fact remains that no matter how you use it, even with glass filter(s). Combustion is inevitable with the AtmosRAW. It works fantastic for my botanical solid concentrate though. It's a very thick consistency. There is also a liquid oil attachment that works wonders. Whether you want to enjoy your own e liquid blend or another THIN essential oil. This sleek item arrives fast using the same day shipping. The box it comes in is comparable to that of Apple products. If you want a discreet, bang for your buck and you have an interest in solids I would hands down recommend this as the number one product."

Very Pleased

  Stan Pigeon - Apr 10 2013, 11:10 AM

"When i started looking for an alternative method of getting my medicine. I looked into vaporizers. Smoking made me sick to my stomach. And it was suggested that a vaporizer would help with that. I started looking online at what did well at Cannabis Cups. I didn't want to start with oil, wanted something simple and to the point. RAW was going to be the way to go. I found a few varieties. And finally chose the AtmosRaw. It was simple to set up. The instructions were very easy to understand. Charging was a breeze. Loading with herb, all of it was very simple and easy to understand. The first use was magical for me. I suffer from chronic pain issues. And for the first time since using MMJ for pain all of my needs were met. Thank you, and will recommend this to everyone i know. Stan"

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