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HELOS Mini Double Kit
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The HELOS Mini Double Kit from eDab is everything you have been waiting for in a mini concentrate pen, giving ou the power and efficiency of a full sized vape in a compact design less than half the size. Gone are the days of sacrificing quality and efficiency for true portability.

One of the HELOS Mini's main features is its cutting edge borosilicate glass globe cartridge. Spectate as the globe fills with perfect amount of vapor before your eyes, giving you precise control over vapor output. The HELOS Mini globe allows your vapor to diffuse and cool before you inhale, resulting in noticeably smoother pulls. The advantages of this durable glass globe don't end there though. Being all glass, it is considerably easier to clean than a standard mini vape pen cap made of metal and rubber. Pop it off, give it a quick soak, wipe and rinse, then get right back to enjoying your essential oils.

Not only does the HELOS Mini Double Kit come with two full vape pen set ups, but also two distinct types of atomizer coils. The ceramic eNail coil can easily hold a generous amount of concentrate and delivers the efficiency and consistency normally reserved for pens twice the size. The wick will burn clean since its placement is in the middle of the ceramic dish, avoiding clogs and ensuring dependable performance. We found that the eNail coil is best used with larger amounts of concentrate/essential oil.

The eFunnel coil sports an extra large stainless steel funnel design with the wick placed closer to the base of the ceramic dish to make sure not a drop of your material goes to waste. Using your included eDab hand tool you can effortlessly scrape in a circular motion around the edge of the funnel to work your essential oil down to the wick without making a mess. The eFunnel coil works great with difficult or messy materials or when using small to medium quantities of concentrate.

Both the coils feature a titanium alloy heating element and are interchangeable, so you have the freedom to use whichever fits you best personally. When it comes time to buy replacement coils, get the one you use most, or both - the choice is up to you.

The HELOS Mini is powered by a top of the line battery that has been run through a gauntlet of testing to ensure remarkable battery life and performance. When you push the power button down the signature HELOS "E" logo emits a blazing orange glow that signifies your HELOS Mini is actively heating up. The HELOS Mini is currently available in two stylish colors, sleek Midnight Black and subtle Vapor Grey, with either providing an alluring contrast the the bright orange power button.

Located on the bottom of the HELOS Mini battery is a high speed micro USB charging port, the same you see on most smart phones in production today. But you won't need your phone cord to charge it. Your HELOS Mini set comes equipped with both a high quality corded USB charger and premium compact wall adapter for use in any standard electrical outlet. While charging the small light on the bottom will glow red, when it turns off your Mini is charged up and ready for a session.

Every HELOS Mini Double Kit comes standard with a 6 month limited warranty, so in the unlikely event your HELOS Mini fails you eDab is there to offer a helping hand. Like most pens, the disposable coils are not covered under warranty, but are easy and affordable to replace.

Many other vape pens have made promises in the past and not delivered, the HELOS Mini has swooped in to fulfill those promises of true vaporizing power and value in the smallest package possible.


- 2 x HELOS Mini Batteries

- 2 x HELOS Mini Cartridges

- 2 x Ti Element eNail Atomizer Coils

- 2 x Ti Element eFunnel Atomizer Coils

- 1 x Premium USB Charger

- 1 x Premium Wall Adapter

- 1 x eDab Essential Oil Tool

- 1 x Warranty Card

- 1 x User Manual

HELOS Mini Parts and Accessories


Under 1 lb



Additional Information:

Always speak to your healthcare provider before vaporizing any substance.

Brand: eDab

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HELOS Mini Double Kit

Love these!

  Anonymous - Oct 10 2016, 12:50 PM

"These are the perfect size for taking with you. Work great and easy to use."

HELOS Mini Double Kit

Helos mini double set

  Anonymous - Sep 02 2014, 13:13 PM

"Ordering was great they even called me before they sent my shipment package came in a day to two days earlier than what I had expected the product is fantastic love it would definitely order from you again thank you so much very happy:)))!!!!!!"

HELOS Mini Double Kit

Great lil vape!

  Chad - Mar 30 2014, 12:17 PM

"Very impressed with these lil vape pens. Nice packaging made the purchase feel like I was getting a quality product and after charging one up and giving it a few puffs I was not let down. This lil mini battery can really deliver a great vape experience. While you cannot dial in the voltage, like its big brother, you can pulse the power button and get a more customized vape. It will shut down for a few seconds after 15 seconds of continuous use to protect the coil and battery. The mini also includes 2 atomizers. First one is a full ceramic dish with the coil slighty raised from the bottom. This one seems to work very well as long as it isnt over loaded but does leave a tiny amount of material unburned. The other is a steel funnel on top of a smaller ceramic dish with the coil placed almost on the bottom. I find this design to work the best and uses up most of the material you load in it. Clean up is pretty simple. The glass globe and mouth piece slip apart and with an alcohol wipe or 2 makes it look brand new again. I find a charge lasts most of the day, puffin tough all day! Recharge happens in about 2 hrs and the best part.....you get TWO complete pens with plenty of replacement parts to last a good while. With so many extract vape pens to choose from this is definitely a good buy and possibly one of the best bang for your buck out there. High-ly reccomended! Vape the world, Thank you Helos!"

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