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“Micro in size, yet monumental in capability.”

The micro G Pen represents a step up in quality in a world of re-branded vaporizers. This extremely small, about 4" long, oil vaporizer is absolutely perfect for all your oil and concentrate vaporization needs on the go. Each micro G Pen kit comes with 2 complete pens, so if you have several different materials you like to vape at any given time then the micro G Pen is perfect.

With the micro G Pen vaporizer you have oil vaporization boiled down to the simplest process imaginable. Holding the power button for only about 5-10 seconds will generate smooth, full vapor pulls with ease. With 2 pens in the kit you have the option to load an AM and PM blend in each or just keep one at home and the other at the office.

It is truly an anomaly how Grenco Science packed this much quality into a small package, but we sure are glad they did.

Note: Be sure to test your atomizer before loading any materials. Do not engage atomizer for extended period of time. Batteries are covered under warranty but NOT ATOMIZERS.

Not looking for the micro G Pen? We also have the original G Pen!

Note: The microG Pen comes with 2 batteries, but it does not come with 2 chargers.

EZVapes.com stocks only genuine Grenco Science/G-Pen brand products and parts.


2 micro G Pen Personal Vaporizer

- 2 micro G Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries

- 2 micro G Mouthpiece

- 2micro G Coils

- 5 micro G Mouthpiece Covers

- 1 Wall Charger Unit with USB Adapter

- 1 microG Packing Tool with "G" Pendant

- 2 Glass G Containers

Genuine micro G Pen Parts and Accessories:

micro G Pen Coil

micro G Pen Charging Kit

micro G Pen Replacement Battery

Grenco AC Power Adapter

Plastic G Container 2 Pack

Glass G Container 2 Pack

G Tool


Portable, Direct Inhalation


Under 1 lb


Grenco Science

Manufacturer's Warranty:

1 year manufacturer's warranty covering manufacturer's defects

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Brand: Grenco Science

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This pen is awesome!

  Anonymous - Oct 18 2013, 21:16 PM

"After burning out several 510 vaporizers and cracking a couple glass globes, I finally decided I was going to buy myself a Micro G pen. Man, am I happy I did that! I use one pen and gave the other to my wife. If you want your concentrates to last a little longer, at the cost of lighter pulls, use the screen coils. These coils are also great for dry concentrates. If you want a larger pull that will burn your concentrates a little faster or you're using thinner concentrates, the no screen coils are the way to go. The batteries last long enough to last me all day and are as easy to charge as a cell phone. If by chance you have a battery go down on you, you have a backup. If you gifted your backup, not a problem, any replacement parts for the Micro G are readily available and fairly inexpensive. The Micro G also is by far the most comfortable to carry and the design makes the mouthpiece more comfortable than a round tip. Combine all of these details with the value of the kit itself and you can see why I'm such a huge fan. These things ROCK!"

The Best Thing I Have Ever Bought...EVER!

  Mr.NiceGuy - Apr 23 2013, 01:07 AM

"I absolutely love the Micro G Pen. Its everything you've ever wanted from a vaporizer. If you are like me and have been looking forever and have wasted so much money on vaporizers that you end up unhappy with. The Micro G is the answer to all your problems. It is able to carry enough Essential Oils to be enjoying it all day, and the battery can last all day as well(depending on how often you use it). There is no smell and it is VERY convenient wherever you may be. Mall? No problem. In the Car? Best place to use it imo. Indoors, outdoors, anywhere you feel the need to smoke you can. And the best part about the Micro G is that you get 2 of them! After i saw that i was sold. If your thinking about buying it, just do it. Best Vaporizer on the market."

The Solution

  Solomon - Mar 06 2013, 15:43 PM

"This thing is great, no fuss no muss. No tanks to fill or syringes to use like some other pens, just add a bit of oil hold the button down for a few seconds and you're off. Use about half as much as you normally might since it is possible to clog the heater if you use too much and burn out the atomizer, which is not covered by warranty but cheaply replaceable. I burned one out right away and the plastic around the atomizer melted a little bit making it no longer fit together since I overheated it. I really love it though and after learning a bit of technique it has yet to fail me again. Goodbye titanium nails and torches! Can't wait to bring it to a show its so small and discreet and quick you can use it anywhere. Gotta give it a 5 overall despite some minor issues. Would love to see a metal atomizer for this pen."

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