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We ship the newest version of the VapeXhale Cloud Evo here!

Designed from the ground up, the VapeXhale Cloud represents a step forward in herbal vaporization. The Cloud vaporizer produces some of the thickest, smoothest, and tastiest vapor you could ever imagine thanks to its glass on glass design using either a glass angled mouthpiece or, the real showstopper, the glass HydraCirc. With the glass HydraCirc you add water filtration to VapeXhale's already amazing vapor quality, delivering an out of this world experience.

The Cloud vape's "PerpetuHeat" system also ensures a consistent vapor quality no matter how hard or light you pull, unlike other vaporizers where the vapor quality can differ depending on your draw strength. So whether your lung strength is that of an Olympic swimmer or not, you can count on a consistently amazing vaporizer experience.

Lastly, the VapeXhale vaporizer has an all glass vapor path, giving your vapor a completely non-reactive path before inhalation. This is one of the main contributing factors to how the Cloud vaporizer stomps out the competition in vapor quality. Whether you go with the standard angled glass whip mouthpiece or the amazing HydraCirc, the VapeXhale Cloud vape is sure to impress.

Note: The HydraCirc Upgrade now includes the brand new Evolver HydraCirc 2.0! This modular design allows you to add additional HydraTubes in the future to make your own design and has an angled glass mouthpiece at the top for an extra smooth draw.

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- FREE BONUS #2: Industry standard air tight EZVapes Rewritable Storage Jar with our full color logo printed on it! Comes with rewritable surface on the lid to mark your contents - only at!

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- Authorized Dealer: is an authorized reseller of all VapeXhale products. As an authorized reseller we include the full 1 year manufacturer's warranty covering your vaporizer against defects in manufacturing, parts and labor. All isntructions to register your warranty included in the box.

- Customer Service: No matter how little the question or concern, our trained experts are available and eager to help you. We are open 10AM - 9PM EST Monday through Friday and can be reached either by phone or our live chat feature. If you need to contact us after normal business hours you can use our contact form or leave us a voice mail and a representative will get back to you first thing in the morning the next business day.


- VapeXhale Cloud Vaporizer

- 4-Piece EZ Grind 50mm

- EZVapes Rewritable Storage Jar

- 2 EZ Load Bowls

- 1 Angled Glass Mouthpiece or Evolver HydraCirc 2.0 (Upgrade)

- Warranty Card


Made of a strong aluminum frame with glass pieces.


Hand Held, Direct Inhalation and Whip Style Inhalation with included glass whip attachment or HydraCirc.


VapeXhale Inc.

Made in the USA

Manufacturer's Warranty:

The VapeXhale has a 2 year limited product warranty which covers your vaporizer against defects in manufacturing, parts and labor.

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Brand: VapeXhale Inc

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Coud review

  Cloud - Feb 04 2013, 12:12 PM

"Fast, discreet, shipping. However, company seems to have required delivery confirmation signature, which is a little bit of pain when not home to receive packages. The unit is well packed and the water piece is top notch. Super thick glass. Definitely can handle modest tests of durability. The water pipe requires some effort to pull, but nothing difficult. The best part about the vaporizer is that he harder you rip, the unit's heater keeps up no problem. No adjustments necessary. If the unit does cool down--say you attach a well chilled water pipe--the chamber glows red telling you to wait a moment before pulling. Foolproof system. Clouds as big as they get, limited only by the person pulling. So, again, it's amazingly idiot proof: Turn it on, fill the chamber (remember to put the screened cap on!), wait for the light to turn green, and then pull from gingerly to as hard as you want. After a few pulls, mix the material around in the chamber and you'll get another pull or two. Material is evenly vaped. Also, the fact you can use the unit with many other glass pieces makes this a pretty outstanding little vaporizer. It's small, discreet, simple, and can be used with a whip or the water pipe. No bags! The water pipe makes the vapor soothing for sure, but does reduce flavor. Using just with a whip, the unit is very enjoyable too. Drier, obviously, but more flavor--and you can take really soft pulls. The pulls are never too warm even with just the whip. The final great thing about this unit is that when you are not pulling on the whip or water pipe, the material is not being vaporized because the material is above the heat element--and only gets cooked when you are pulling air through it. This lets you take your time and get fresh clouds at your leisure! The only thing to be worried about is the unit is a lot of glass--and somewhat fragile. But the quality of the vapor (perhaps all glass produces) and the flexibility of ways to use thing make a no brainer pick for a high end vaporizer. Another thing that might concern some is that the chamber requires some dexterity to pop in and out of the unit. Nothing much, but a fingernail and a modestly steady hand is required to remove and fill the chamber. All and all--maybe not an unbreakable party substitute for a Volcano--and the Volcano's unbreakable bag delivery--but with a few people being careful with the unit or just as a home unit for one or two--this thing absolutely rocks!"

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