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All vaporizers available from EZ Vapes are listed here. Whether you are looking to buy a portable blend vaporizer, a balloon inflating vape like the Volcano, or pen-style vaporizer for oils or e-juice you will find your perfect vaporizer here. Scroll down the page to view available models or select a sub-category to view vaporizers of a specific type, for use with a specific material, or within a certain price range.

Atmos 100W Battery
Atmos 100W Battery The Atmos 100W Battery is a powerful Smart battery from AtmosRX that matches perfectly with the Greedy, Sub-Vers, Studio Rig Ceramic Heating Chamber f…
$44.95 $39.00
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Itsuwa Mini 2N1 Kit
Itsuwa Mini 2N1 Kit The Itsuwa Mini 2N1 Battery is a compact cartridge battery device that is equipped with a massive 1000mAh lithium-ion battery with powerful 30W output…
 Out of Stock
$29.95 $23.94
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Ascent The Ascent Vaporizer takes what barriers you think portable vaporizers might be restricted by and smashes through them with ease. Smaller than an iPho…
$199.95 $188.00
Sidekick Vaporizer
Sidekick Vaporizer The Sidekick Vaporizer is a multi-use portable vape for use with dry blends and concentrates from the highly rated brand, 7th Floor. This vaporizer f…
$199.95 $188.00
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Da Buddha
Da Buddha Da Buddha vaporizer happily marries both affordability and quality that you want in a vaporizer. Using an aluminum ceramic heating element, Da B…
$189.95 $178.94
Super Surfer Vaporizer
Super Surfer Vaporizer The Super Surfer Vaporizer is yet another cutting-edge multi-use table top vaporizer from 7th Floor Vapes that comes equipped with most of the same fe…
 Out of Stock
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Atmos Tyga X Shine Kiln RA Kit
Atmos Tyga X Shine Kiln RA Kit The Atmos Tyga X Shine Kiln RA Kit is an updated version of Atmos' Kiln RA pen vaporizer that now sports a much more stylish appearance with …
$119.95 $60.88
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Magic Flight Launch Box
Magic Flight Launch Box The Magic Flight Launch Box is a highly rated, battery operated hand held vaporizer that has earned a reputation for producing top quality vapor with …
$139.00 $119.00
Atmos RAW
Atmos RAW The Atmos RAW is made not only for discreet aroma and concentrate sessions, but also for those who are constantly in a different place. The Atmos RAW,…
$99.95 $37.88
Arizer V-Tower
Arizer V-Tower The V-Tower is a small digital table top vaporizer that takes advantage of a vertical airflow system to deliver a cool, smooth and enjoyable vapor. Th…
$149.95 $119.99
Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer The Silver Surfer vaporizer was one of the first vapes to have a glass heating element encased in a ceramic coating, blazing the trail for countl…
 Out of Stock
$269.99 $267.00
Magic Flight Muad-Dib
Magic Flight Muad-Dib The Magic Flight Muad-Dib is an efficient hand-held vaporizer designed exclusively for use with concentrates and essential oils, brought to you by the…
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DipStick Vaporizer
DipStick Vaporizer The DipStick Vaporizer is a revolutionary pen vaporizer for use with waxy material that entirely removes the mess from dabbing. This vaporizer utiliz…
$199.99 $188.00
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Yocan Evolve-D Combustion Pen
Yocan Evolve-D Combustion Pen The Yocan Evolve-D is a cost-friendly combustion pen from Yocan that utilizes a pancake style exposed coil to heat your dried material at the touch of…
$24.95 $17.00
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Arizer Solo
Arizer Solo The Arizer Solo is a super efficient hand held portable vaporizer by Arizer Tech, the brilliant minds behind the Arizer Extreme Q. Arizer has improve…
$169.95 $147.00
Plenty Vaporizer
Plenty Vaporizer The time has come, vaporizer powerhouses Storz & Bickel, creators of the hugely popular Volcano vaporizer, have released their newest vape called …
HELOS Mini Double Kit
HELOS Mini Double Kit The HELOS Mini Double Kit from eDab is everything you have been waiting for in a mini concentrate pen, giving ou the power and efficiency of a full si…
$49.95 $35.88
Crafty Vaporizer
Crafty Vaporizer The Crafty vaporizer packs the power of Storz & Bickels' German engineered heating technology into an uber portable vaping unit that can …
Kanger EVOD 2 Starter Kit
Kanger EVOD 2 Starter Kit Kanger EVOD 2 Starter Kit offers the price savvy customer 2 complete vape pen setups on the cheap without sacrificing quality for price. To start with…
 Out of Stock
$59.95 $45.00
Kanger EMOW Starter Kit
Kanger EMOW Starter Kit The Kanger EMOW Starter Kit steps outside the box and provides users with a vaping solution to their needs. Kanger's EMOW clearomizer uses a…
 Out of Stock
$59.95 $50.00
Kanger EMOW MEGA Starter Kit
Kanger EMOW MEGA Starter Kit The Kanger EMOW MEGA Starter Kit is not just a clever name, this vaporizer pen is mammoth in size, quality, and features. This kit can produce the big…
 Out of Stock
$69.95 $60.00
Mighty Vaporizer
Mighty Vaporizer The Mighty Vaporizer is the first of the portable vaporizers from German vaping masterminds Storz & Bickel, the same creators of the Volcano …
Volcano Digit
Volcano Digit The Volcano Digit vaporizer's reputation precedes it in most cases and is equally respected by vaporizing newbies and pro vaporizer users alike. T…
HELOS Deluxe Kit
HELOS Deluxe Kit The HELOS Deluxe Kit by eDab is a premium brand variable voltage vape pen designed specifically for use with essential oils, waxy material, and other …
$39.95 $29.00
Volcano Classic
Volcano Classic The Volcano Classic set the standard early on when it exploded onto the scene and to this day is still a best seller and overwhelming favorite am…
Joyetech eCab Starter Kit
Joyetech eCab Starter Kit The Joyetech eCab Starter Kit is in stock and is now on clearance BELOW OUR COST. Get a complete eCab pen set-up at a truly below-wholesale price! J…
 Out of Stock
$39.95 $25.00
viVape 2
viVape 2 The Vaporfection viVape took everyone by storm when it first hit the scene early on in the vaporizer industry. The touch screen display and sleek, yet…
$249.00 $169.00
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Eleaf iJust 2 Kit
Eleaf iJust 2 Kit The Eleaf iJust 2 Kit is a user-friendly vape pen used with e-liquid, featuring a clearomizer that can hold up to 5.5mL of liquid and a battery w…
 Out of Stock
$44.95 $22.00
Vapolution 3.0
Vapolution 3.0 The Vapolution 3.0 is a new and improved version of the Vapolution 2.0, a top-shelf vaporizer known for producing some of the purest vapor available t…
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Smok Alien 220W TC Starter Kit
Smok Alien 220W TC Starter Kit The Smok Alien 220W TC Starter Kit is an advanced vape starter kit that includes both Smok's Alien 220W TC Mod and the TFV8 Baby Beast S…
 Out of Stock
$99.95 $79.00
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Sigelei SnowWolf 365W TC Mod
Sigelei SnowWolf 365W TC Mod The Sigelei SnowWolf 365W TC Mod is currently the world's highest wattage output mod that is capable of firing up to an astounding 365W of power. …
 Out of Stock
$89.95 $78.75
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Atmos i40TC-J Mini Starter Kit
Atmos i40TC-J Mini Starter Kit The Atmos i40TC-J Mini Starter Kit is a pocket-size starter kit complete with mod and tank that is ready for temperature control vaping right out of t…
 Out of Stock
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Innokin iTaste MVP4 100W TC Mod
Innokin iTaste MVP4 100W TC Mod Innokin iTaste MVP4 100W TC Mod is the newest edtion to one of the most popular and well known box mod series to ever hit the market. The iTaste MVP4…
 Out of Stock
$79.95 $74.00
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Wismec Motiv Pod All In One Starter Kit
Wismec Motiv Pod All In One Starter Kit The Wismec Motiv POD All-in-One Starter Kit is the new pod version of the original Motiv Starter Kit. It is designed to be simple and easy to use. New…
 Out of Stock
$39.95 $29.94
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Raw Vaporizer
Raw Vaporizer The RAW vaporizer, made by the popular rolling paper company that shares the same name, is a box style unit that uses an advanced dual screened wand a…
 Out of Stock
$149.95 $109.00
Haze Dual V3
Haze Dual V3 The Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer is your all-in-one solution for vaping dry blends, concentrates, and even e-juices on the go. This little Swiss-Army vape h…
Atmos Optimus V2
Atmos Optimus V2 The Atmos Optimus V2 vaporizer by Atmos RX has a unique comfort grip design that brings a relaxed feel and stylish look to e-liquid vaporizing. With t…
 Out of Stock
$79.95 $46.00
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AirVape XS
AirVape XS The AirVape XS is an advanced portable dry blend vaporizer that features a slim, credit card design with haptic feedback capabilities for stealthy use…
$179.95 $158.94
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Galaxy Note 2 Phone Vape Case Mod
Galaxy Note 2 Phone Vape Case Mod This Galaxy Note 2 Phone Vape Case Mod is the newest version series 2 from Lotus and is a powerful sub ohm mod and lightweight phone case all in one. …
$39.95 $5.00
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Smok Alien 220W TC Mod
Smok Alien 220W TC Mod Smok Alien 220W TC Mod is a high output temperature control box mod from one of the most well known names in the business that features a two tone col…
 Out of Stock
$79.95 $69.00
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