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All vaporizers available from EZ Vapes are listed here. Whether you are looking to buy a portable herb vaporizer, a balloon inflating vape like the Volcano, or pen-style vaporizer for oils or e-juice you will find your perfect vaporizer here. Scroll down the page to view available models or select a sub-category to view vaporizers of a specific type, for use with a specific material, or within a certain price range.

Dube V2 Air
Dube V2 Air The Dube V2 Air is a revamped version of White Rhino's popular pen vaporizer the Dube 2. Just like it's predecessor the V2 Air vaporizer sport…
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NimbinVap 4.0
NimbinVap 4.0 The NimbinVap 4.0 is an eco-friendly portable vaporizer that is ready for use at all times. This vaporizer comes equipped with eight different mode…
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Joyetech eGo AIO D22 Starter Kit
Joyetech eGo AIO D22 Starter Kit The Joyetech eGo AIO D22 Starter Kit is an extremely compact all in one pen vaporizer from Joyetech that comes equipped with their signature anti…
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$29.95 $28.00
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Atmos i50 Mod
Atmos i50 Mod The Atmos i50 Mod is a powerful varable wattage/voltage box mod by AtmosRX that has a max output of 50W or 9V, allowing it support kanthal atomizers a…
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Atmos i150TC Mod
Atmos i150TC Mod The Atmos i150TC Box Mod is the first entry into the temperature control vaping world for AtmosRX. The i150TC Mod has a huge power output range of 3W-…
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$149.95 $119.95
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Joyetech eGo AIO Box Starter Kit
Joyetech eGo AIO Box Starter Kit The Joyetech eGo AIO Box Starter Kit is a cost-effective all in one starter kit that makes a great choice for those just getting into the vape game. T…
 Out of Stock
$39.95 $32.40
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Atmos i40TC-J Mini Starter Kit
Atmos i40TC-J Mini Starter Kit The Atmos i40TC-J Mini Starter Kit is a pocket-size starter kit complete with mod and tank that is ready for temperature control vaping right out of t…
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Airistech Clevea
Airistech Clevea The Airistech Clevea is a slim and lightweight portable vaporizer for dried blends that features an all ceramic oven for an unmatched quality of vapor…
 Out of Stock
$89.95 $67.00
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PUFFiT X The PUFFiT X, by Discreet Vape, is one of the stealthiest vaporizers available on the market. Disguised as an inhaler, no one knows you're actuall…
 Out of Stock
$199.99 $137.00
VapeXhale Cloud EVO SP
VapeXhale Cloud EVO SP The VapeXhale Cloud EVO takes the award winning Cloud design and improves on every aspect to deliver the most advanced dry herb vaporizer on the marke…
 Out of Stock
PUFFiT 2 The PUFFiT 2 vaporizer looks just like an inhaler to provide quick and discreet vapor sessions without drawing any attention. Now you can puff in publ…
 Out of Stock
$99.95 $95.00
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ProVape Pipe
ProVape Pipe The ProVape Pipe is even better than the original Proto Pipe because it can be used to smoke dry materials or can easily convert to vaporize essential…
 Out of Stock
$49.95 $36.00
Haze Dual V3
Haze Dual V3 The Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer is your all-in-one solution for vaping herbs, concentrates, and even e-juices on the go. This little Swiss-Army vape has a …
Atmos Optimus V2
Atmos Optimus V2 The Atmos Optimus V2 vaporizer by Atmos RX has a unique comfort grip design that brings a relaxed feel and stylish look to e-liquid vaporizing. With t…
 Out of Stock
$79.95 $46.00
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miVape The miVape is a pocket-sized dry herb vaporizer that utilizes an all glass heating element and vapor path to create a pure and flavorful vapor that is…
 Out of Stock
$259.99 $169.00
Atmos Transporter
Atmos Transporter The Atmos Transporter is a sleek and stealthy true dry herb vaporizer. This portable is the definition of "pocket-sized" standing about 4 in…
 Out of Stock
$119.95 $78.00
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Cloud Pen 2.0
Cloud Pen 2.0 The Cloud Pen 2.0 is the ultimate starter kit for discreetly vaporizing waxy concentrates on the go. This kit comes with everything you need and then …
$79.99 $75.00
HELOS Mini Solo Set
HELOS Mini Solo Set The HELOS Mini Solo Set is a custom set featuring the same premium quality micro-style pen vape that comes in the HELOS Mini Double Kit. The diff…
 Out of Stock
DipStick Vaporizer
DipStick Vaporizer The DipStick Vaporizer is a revolutionary pen vaporizer for use with waxy material that entirely removes the mess from dabbing. This vaporizer utiliz…
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Volcano Digit
Volcano Digit The Volcano Digit vaporizer's reputation precedes it in most cases and is equally respected by vaporizing newbies and pro vaporizer users alike. T…
Volcano Classic
Volcano Classic The Volcano Classic set the standard early on when it exploded onto the scene and to this day is still a best seller and overwhelming favorite am…
Galaxy Note 2 Phone Vape Case Mod
Galaxy Note 2 Phone Vape Case Mod This Galaxy Note 2 Phone Vape Case Mod is the newest version series 2 from Lotus and is a powerful sub ohm mod and lightweight phone case all in one. …
$39.95 $9.00
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Smok X Cube 2 160W Mod
Smok X Cube 2 160W Mod The Smok X Cube 2 160W Mod is by far one of the most advanced vaping devices to be released into the market. Featuring a refined brushed metal finish,…
 Out of Stock
$99.95 $72.00

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