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Here is our list of top rated vaporizers for use with thick oils and other solid and semi-solid concentrates that have wax like consistency. Only the best, hand-selected concentrate vapes are listed here, and many of these models are multi-use, which means they are compatible with 2 or more types of substances. Have confidence that you are buying a top of the line vaporizer for concentrates when you place your order at EZVapes.

Seego Conseal PE
Seego Conseal PE The Seego Conseal PE is a lightweight, pocket-sized vaporizer for use with thin essential oils that offers ultimate discretion for quick vape sessions…
$19.95 $16.88
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Airistech Mystica
Airistech Mystica The Airistech Mystica is an ultra compact essential oil vaporizer that can easily be hidden in the palm of your hand for discreet vape sessions while …
$19.95 $16.00
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Pluto iMini Kit
Pluto iMini Kit The Pluto iMini Kit is one of the smallest and most discreet essential oil vaporizers currently on the market, perfect for stealthy use during travel.…
$24.95 $19.94
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Yocan Hive
Yocan Hive The Yocan Hive is a compact and versatile all in one vaporizer for use with concentrates that comes equipped with different cartridges to handle a var…
$24.95 $19.80
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Seego Conseal PE2
Seego Conseal PE2 The Seego Conseal PE2 is a new and improved Conseal PE vaporizer now with upgraded battery capacity and a strong aluminum alloy construction for maxim…
$24.95 $18.00
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HELOS Mini Solo Set
HELOS Mini Solo Set The HELOS Mini Solo Set is a custom set featuring the same premium quality micro-style pen vape that comes in the HELOS Mini Double Kit. The diff…
 Out of Stock
Yocan Evolve-C
Yocan Evolve-C The Yocan Evolve-C is a stealthy pen vaporizer that comes equipped with two interchangeable heating attachments for ultimate versatility. Similar to …
$29.95 $18.44
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Yocan Evolve Plus
Yocan Evolve Plus The Yocan Evolve Plus is a new and improved version of the original Evolve Vaporizer from Yocan now with an enlarged coil structure and battery size a…
$34.95 $33.88
Yocan Magneto
Yocan Magneto The Yocan Magneto is the ultimate wax pen vaporizer for quick and discreet vape sessions on the go. With this innovation from Yocan, the traditional …
$34.95 $33.00
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HELOS Deluxe Kit
HELOS Deluxe Kit The HELOS Deluxe Kit by eDab is a premium brand variable voltage vape pen designed specifically for use with essential oils, waxy material, and other …
$39.95 $33.00
Galaxy Note 2 Phone Vape Case Mod
Galaxy Note 2 Phone Vape Case Mod This Galaxy Note 2 Phone Vape Case Mod is the newest version series 2 from Lotus and is a powerful sub ohm mod and lightweight phone case all in one. …
$39.95 $9.00
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Extract Solutions Co Ready Mix Kit
Extract Solutions Co Ready Mix Kit The Extract Solutions Co Ready Mix Kit is a unique starter kit that will quickly transform any herbal extract into a delicious flavored tincture that …
$49.95 $49.00
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ProVape Pipe
ProVape Pipe The ProVape Pipe is even better than the original Proto Pipe because it can be used to smoke dry materials or can easily convert to vaporize essential…
 Out of Stock
$49.95 $36.00
HELOS Mini Double Kit
HELOS Mini Double Kit The HELOS Mini Double Kit from eDab is everything you have been waiting for in a mini concentrate pen, giving ou the power and efficiency of a full si…
$49.95 $44.00
Atmos Magna Kit
Atmos Magna Kit The Atmos Magna Kit is a convenient and innovative pen vaporizer for use with concentrates and waxy essential oils. This vaporizer comes equipped wit…
$54.95 $34.00
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Atmos Dart
Atmos Dart The Atmos Dart Kit includes everything you need to vaporize waxy essential oils and e-liquid effectively and affordably. Although inexpensive the Dart…
$59.95 $23.00
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Atmos Forge Plus Kit
Atmos Forge Plus Kit The Atmos Forge Plus Kit is a discreet pen vaporizer that is to be used with concentrates and essential oils that have a waxy consistency. The Forge P…
$69.95 $59.00
HELOS-G Case Kit
HELOS-G Case Kit Now available with optional Hybrid Coils! The HELOS-G Case Kit is a top shelf solution designed exlusively for essential oil, waxy material, or oth…
 Out of Stock
$69.95 $59.95
Atmos Kiln Kit
Atmos Kiln Kit The Atmos Kiln Kit is a pocket-sized pen vaporizer that is designed for use exclusively with essential oils and waxy concentrates. The Kiln pen vapor…
$69.99 $49.00
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Atmos Q3
Atmos Q3 The Atmos Q3 Vaporizer is a powerful portable vaporizer for use with waxy materials that offers the utmost of convenience for vaping concentrates on t…
$74.95 $64.00
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Atmos Kiln RA Kit
Atmos Kiln RA Kit The Atmos Kiln RA Kit is a new and improved version of Atmos' ever so popular pen vaporizer for concentrates, the Kiln. The heating element f…
$79.95 $67.00
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Cloud Pen 2.0
Cloud Pen 2.0 The Cloud Pen 2.0 is the ultimate starter kit for discreetly vaporizing waxy concentrates on the go. This kit comes with everything you need and then …
$79.99 $75.00
Atmos Studio Rig Attachment
Atmos Studio Rig Attachment The Atmos Studio Rig Attachment is a cutting-edge attachment for use with 510-threaded mods that offers a unique variety of heating chambers for eithe…
$89.95 $77.00
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PUFFiT 2 The PUFFiT 2 vaporizer looks just like an inhaler to provide quick and discreet vapor sessions without drawing any attention. Now you can puff in publ…
 Out of Stock
$99.95 $95.00
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Atmos Junior
Atmos Junior The Atmos Junior is an extremely portable vaporizer designed specifically for use with waxy oils and concentrates. Right from the jump you can see ex…
 Out of Stock
$99.95 $45.00
Cloud Pen 3.0
Cloud Pen 3.0 Versatility is the name of the game and the Cloud Pen 3.0 is bringing it in droves with multiple attachments to enjoy your favorite waxy material when…
$99.99 $88.00
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Atmos Tyga X Shine Kiln RA Kit
Atmos Tyga X Shine Kiln RA Kit The Atmos Tyga X Shine Kiln RA Kit is an updated version of Atmos' Kiln RA pen vaporizer that now sports a much more stylish appearance with …
$119.95 $89.88
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Dr Dabber Boost eRig
Dr Dabber Boost eRig The Dr Dabber Boost eRig is a cost-friendly electronic dab rig from one of the most well-known names in this industry. The Dr Babber Bost eRig is a b…
 Out of Stock
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AtmosRx DHK Advanced
AtmosRx DHK Advanced The AtmosRx DHK Advanced, also commonly referred to as the Atmos RX Advanced or Atmos RAW Advanced, is the ideal vaporizer for someone looking to…
$119.95 $42.88
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Magic Flight Muad-Dib
Magic Flight Muad-Dib The Magic Flight Muad-Dib is an efficient hand-held vaporizer designed exclusively for use with concentrates and essential oils, brought to you by the…
$168.99 $127.00
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DaVinci Vaporizer
DaVinci Vaporizer The DaVinci Vaporizer was designed with a few goals in mind; portability, efficiency, ease of use, and a discreet vaporizing experience. Not only were…
 Out of Stock
$169.95 $129.00
DipStick Vaporizer
DipStick Vaporizer The DipStick Vaporizer is a revolutionary pen vaporizer for use with waxy material that entirely removes the mess from dabbing. This vaporizer utiliz…
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Vapir Prima
Vapir Prima The Vapir Prima is a super compact dry herb and waxy concentrate portable vaporizer. The Prima features a quick one minute heat up time, four pre-set …
$249.95 $198.00
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Haze Dual V3
Haze Dual V3 The Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer is your all-in-one solution for vaping herbs, concentrates, and even e-juices on the go. This little Swiss-Army vape has a …
Ascent The Ascent Vaporizer takes what barriers you think portable vaporizers might be restricted by and smashes through them with ease. Smaller than an iPho…
$249.95 $199.99
Sidekick Vaporizer
Sidekick Vaporizer The Sidekick Vaporizer is a multi-use portable vape for use with dry herbs and concentrates from the highly rated brand, 7th Floor. This vaporizer fe…
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