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Arizer Extreme Q 4.0
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4.9 stars, based on 13 reviews
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Authorized Arizer Distributor
Lifetime Warranty on Heater plus 3 Years Parts and Labor

The Arizer Extreme Q is in stock and ready to ship!

The Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 (Quiet Edition) is the newest technology in premium home vaporizing. The Extreme Q has quickly built a reputation for being well built, reliable, and easy to use. In fact, there are not many vaporizers on the market today at any price that can truly compete with the all around quality and effectiveness of the Extreme Q. The Q boasts impressive cutting-edge features such as absolutely silent operation, 3-speed fan, precise digital temperature readout and control, whip and balloon inflation kits, and a surprisingly useful remote.


- Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 Vaporizer

- 4-Piece EZ Grind 50mm

- EZVapes Rewritable Storage Jar

- Remote Control

- 2 Glass Cyclone Bowls

- 2 Vapor Balloons with Mouthpiece

- AC Adapter / Power Cord

- Replacement Screen

- Vapor Whip

- Aromatherapy Bowl with Potpourri Sample

- Glass Vaporizer Stir Tool

- Instruction Manual


The Extreme Q 4.0 is constructed of lightweight aluminum with a dark chrome finish and has a ceramic heating element.

Genuine Extreme Q Parts and Accessories:

Whip Kit

Balloon Kit

Glass Cyclone Bowl

Tuff Bowl


3" Mini Whip

Glass Whip Mouthpiece

Glass Balloon Mouthpiece

Glass Elbow Adapter

Glass Stirring Tool

Tubing (9ft)

Screen Packs

Portable Battery Power Pack

Remote Control

More Accessories:

Universal AC Adapter

International Power Adapter

Portable Accessory Pack

Lost and Found Accessory Pack


Whip, Balloon Inflation


3 lbs


Arizer Tech

Manufacturer's Warranty:

Lifetime Warranty on Heating Unit

Additional Manufacturer Information:

See "Disclaimer / Warnings / Safeguards" section of Owners Manual

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2years old and still kicking butt

  Doc - Apr 05 2014, 06:31 AM

"This baby is worth every penny it will pay for itself just in the savings u spend on herb it cut our use in half!!! Just think how much$$$ that is:) !! This baby is so dependable and is great for one person or a small get together. My friends were so amazed that 5 of them have purchased one. Rock sold unit!! Buy the extra screen kit for back up! And I also had my friends get the extra elbow that hooks the whip to the bowl as a back up.also super easy to clean."

I'm officially an Arizer dedicated customer....

  Jesse Azizeh - Sep 23 2013, 20:35 PM

"After buying the Solo and being absolutely amazed by it, I decided to go for another Arizer product this time I chose the Arizer Extreme Q 4.0,... It has been the second best decision I have made (the first being the purchase of the Solo) as far as vaping purchases. I will admit I almost went with the Vapir Rise,..heard good things about that, but in the end went with the Arizer Q,.....First of all I have never been let down by EZvapes they always get my products to me the next day and include free accessories every-time and AAA customer service thank you EZvapes, now as for Arizer, well it came neatly and discreetly packaged ,,after I opened it checked out my checklist and verified a great delivery I put it together (which means i basically plugged it in and let the factory fumes vape off :) ) I don't have any complaints the three speed fan is amazing the bag option is amazing it works wonderfully with multiple material and matter,..dry or not, can't beat the tower style whip and you just can't really find any other product with so many convenient innovations in a glass style unit the remote is one of the best. I wouldn't be surprised to see an accessory that will allow people to use simultaneously to stomp out new competitors,...all around Arizer has shown me that they are one of the best for a reason I will always recommend Arizer products and by the way I have had many people over that still com-bust and are dedicated com-busters,...and all of them have been impressed with one even deciding to convert to the Solo,....Thank you Arizer and EZvapes, guys have my business for life."

extreme Q

  Anonymous - Nov 03 2012, 22:51 PM

"I got one of these great vaporizers last year for christmas .It was the best things I ever did .It cut my cunsumption in half and realy cut down on my cough . Oh ya and very little smell . Great product."

Arizer,the best vape around!!!

  Thc_Dna - Oct 29 2012, 18:48 PM

"Ive had my ArizerQ for about 2 years now!! It totaly has me satisfied it has so many functions. All in all a verrrrry good purchase!!!"

Extreme-Q Vaporizer

  Anonymous - Oct 18 2012, 14:32 PM

"First: The people, services, and products at EZVAPES are the here. Had the Q for a few months now..could not engineer a more functional unit w/ the features it has...w/ remote, no less!! However, re: the new collars...cut in half ,mount one top & bottom, protects the bowl top & bottom...BUT BE VERY CAREFUL--Now the base gets quite hot, so handle ONLY by the top and you're fine. I like the old type of bowl better, it is also black so you can ID it..not fill upside down by mistake, and the black units tops stay cool...I like the black unit , then use the extra collar you made from the single piece of whatever it is to protect both ends, etc."

Best Investment I've Made In a While

  Anonymous - Oct 14 2012, 09:39 AM

"The Extreme Q 4.0 or EQ is one hell of a machine. By far the best bang for your buck out there. It can function through a balloon or a whip. Personal whips are great and balloons/bags are great for a group of friends. Listed below are the pluses and minuses of the EQ. Pros: Dual-functioning (whip & bag), remote control (it has a freaking remote so you don't even have to lean over and touch the unit, very convenient and makes you look classy as hell), the EQ unit is very light and slickly designed (you can turn a blue LED light on/off on the unit, people like it), very easy to transport, similar to most vapes, the unit has an easy to understand and easily readable LED screen and the EQ only costs around $200. Surprisingly that is really cheap in relation to the EQ's competition, the Volcano, which can be upwards to $700. Also, the EQ includes spare parts which saves you money in case a klutz makes a mistake. Cons: To assemble the collection balloon/bag, you need to be very patient and careful (just a warning), the elbow whip for the balloon attachment gets gunky somewhat quick, it's relatively easy to accidentally spill product into your EQ, the cyclone bowls are cylinders so they could roll off of tables easily, I have been waiting a couple of minutes to refill it after each one because the cyclone bowls get decently hot and I don't want to burn myself with 'em, so I'd say the waiting time between bowls is kind of a negativity. Other than that, I cannot think of any actual flaws with this machine, I've had mine since Thursday and everyone just loves using it, I've slipped up here and there and combusted a couple of times with my material but other than that, we've been strictly taking pulls from the bags and boy do they do the trick. A side note: the EQ gets fully ready in like 10 minutes for whips, 20 for bag, which may seem like a really long time for people, however, it takes that long if you want an even distribution of heat upon your herbs. A final note: I fully recommend this vaporizer if you want to give your lungs a rest, or if you just want to try something new. This device is fully worth your time, I am really impressed by the performance of the little beast."

Worth Every penny

  J$420 - Oct 09 2012, 18:24 PM

"This vape is amazing. The affects are so clean, I would recommend to any smoker I know. Love the balloon attachment personally, all my friends agree also!"

solid piece!

  Toad - Sep 29 2012, 14:02 PM

"1st - it's a lung saver, which is pretty much a life saver. 2nd - the taste is amazing! 3rd - conserves my material. i'm all about conservation. you can take small or large pulls from the bag, depending on how you like it. i don't prefer the whip, but it's a nice option to have. i get good vapor at ~185 C. any higher and the vapor starts to get hot and a little irritating"

Great vaporizer

  pork - Sep 25 2012, 08:23 AM

"This is a quality piece. It's just as good (or better) than a $600 Volcano. I love that this vaporizer fills bags. It doesn't take very long to heat up at all. As long as you keep the pieces clean, the vapor has an amazing taste. The glass elbow is 18 mm so it attaches to water tools of the same size. Most glass pieces come in duplicate, in case you break one (which isn't THAT hard to do). Fortunately, if you break both of something, you can buy replacement part for very cheap. The only downside I've noticed if that it gets a little dirty (doesn't actually seem dirty, but you get a build up over time, compared to when it was brand new) the vapor is hot and a tiny bit harsh. So just keep it clean (isopropyl on the glass, water on the plastic parts) and this will be a great vape. Highly recommended!"

Best Desktop Vape That Won't Cost You An Arm & Leg

  HotDish - Sep 21 2012, 19:35 PM

"Where do I even begin? This vape is absolutely amazing.. You won't find another vape out there that has a bag and whip system that is this solid on the market.. It's amazing.. Vapor tastes amazing.. Warms up rather quickly.. Can have a sesh going within 10min of turning it on.. Easy to clean and maintain... I've owned mine for over a year now and this does not disappoint.. This vape is also at it's ultimate when connected to a GonG watertool.."

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