Billing and Payment Related

What payment methods do you accept?
Customers can order using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and most other major credit cand debit cards. We . . .
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When and how do you bill my card?
At the time you submit your credit or debit card online or by phone your card will be authorized for the amount reflected . . .
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What will appear on my billing statement?
Your credit or debit card statement will be billed discreetly as "EZVP" followed by a private customer service . . .
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Can I order by telephone?
Yes, please have your phone promo code (if any, see top left of page) and credit or debit card ready and call (855) 398-2737 . . .
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Can I send my order via e-mail?
It is against policy to accept orders via email. This is because there is no security when sending email and the proper . . .
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Toll free 855-398-2737 Open Mon-Fri 10A-6P Eastern or later.
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