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Delta9Vapes are quickly and efficiently pumping out the newest and best ways to vaporize all your essential oils and botanical concentrates. From the Omicron to the Persei, you can find the portable oil vaporizer that suits your exact needs.

W9 Tech 1.5 Ohm Extract Cartridge
W9 Tech 1.5 Ohm Extract Cartridge The W9 Tech extract cartridge is designed to be used with your Omicron v2, Persei, or O-Phos to vaporize thick oils and waxy concentrates. Each pack …
Delta9 Extract Cartridge Mouthpieces (6 Pack)
Delta9 Extract Cartridge Mouthpieces (6 Pack) Vaporizer mouthpieces should be changed every so often for hygienic reasons, especially if you vape with friends. Grab this pack of 6 silicone Delta9 …
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