Tactical Hit Co. 2 Sided Dugout with Glass Bat

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Tactical Hit Co. 2 Sided Dugout with Glass Bat
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Tactical Hit Company wowed us with their first line of universal 2 sided dugouts, now they are back again with something even better.  Made right here in the US, these super durable anodized aircraft grade aluminum dugouts are hands down the toughest out there, protecting your material inside as well as the three hitter glass bat.

This is one of the first dugouts to provide a glass bat instead of the "glass quartz" bat that is standard in most dugouts. The all glass design with beautiful design inside allows you to smoke on the go and get only the natural taste of your material without any other material interfering. The spring loaded holding spot for the glass bat keeps it completely secure with absolutely no risk or cracking or breaking.

The glass bat is labeled as a three hitter, but in most cases you can get much more than that. Both the top and bottom of the dugout twist open and snap into place, with the top having the holding space for the glass bat and a storage space for your material. The bottom has an additional space for more material storage as well as a spring loaded metal poker/cleaning tool to quickly and easily clean out the glass bat.

Tactical Hit Company raised the bar for dugouts once, now they've raised it again.


~2in/51mm x ~0.75in/19mm x ~3.25in/83mm


- Universal 2 Sided Dugout

- Glass Three Hitter Bat

- Poker Tool

Looking for something larger? The Tactical One Hit Universal Dugout is also available in a larger size.

Additional Information:

For use with legal smoking blends only.

Brand: Tactical Hit Co.

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Tactical Hit Co. 2 Sided Dugout with Glass Bat

Great Investment!

  LR - Apr 08 2016, 13:51 PM

"I love this dugout. It is a quality product and arrived exactly as pictured. I only have one issue and this is the first time it has been brought to anyone's attention as it is easily fixed. The felt covering the bat side of the compartment did manage to get caught and torn despite my best efforts to be careful when opening. This was easily repaired by replacing the felt. I would buy this again and have recommended this and this site to others. I will be buying more products."

Tactical Hit Co. 2 Sided Dugout with Glass Bat


  dragnonhawk - Mar 24 2016, 11:51 AM

"This was well worth the price. I was skeptical at first but now that I've had it and used it I have to say I am more than happy with the quality of the product and the ease of use. Lots of storage space and easy to clean."

Tactical Hit Co. 2 Sided Dugout with Glass Bat

Nailed it!!

  Anonymous - Oct 26 2014, 09:24 AM

"Everyone at one time or another had a Dug out but they never lasted.. Why so small a compartment and the pipe got clogged why to easy.. These guys nailed it.. Hold lots of product and has a cleaning tool inside.. But the pipe is small but thick and when it clogs you can blow it clean that easy.. There is NO BETTER take it on the go product like it. It is on the pricey side but soo worth it..!"

Tactical Hit Co. 2 Sided Dugout with Glass Bat

most original dugout yet

  Jack Shen - Jul 17 2014, 06:17 AM

"this is a "high class" dugout. The only reasons I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that it takes a lot of material to fill, and I mean a lot. And the hitter packs are more personal bowl packs, than a traditional dugout pull. this is extremely high quality, THC doesn't make gimmicky junk."

Tactical Hit Co. 2 Sided Dugout with Glass Bat

Oder tip

  Anonymous - Aug 30 2013, 21:31 PM

"I have found if you take a piece of nice electrical tape and put it on the bottom of the lids and take your razor blade and cut to fit and heat shrink the tape to the lids it makes the dug out virtually oder less, not that it has a problem it smells like a typical dug out I think but with the tape on the lids i can hardly smell anything at all"

Tactical Hit Co. 2 Sided Dugout with Glass Bat

Best dug out ever!

  Anonymous - Aug 01 2013, 03:37 AM

"I have to give it to T.H.C they made an amazing dug out! I use it everyday and I can say I'm truly impressed. The bat that comes with it impressed me so much, the bowl in it is huge I can honstly say I personally get 9-11 pulls a bowl. loading is very easy in my opinion, the teeth really help you grab ahold of your herb to pack it. I do wish the poker had a flat scraper end but that's not that important because the flat end still works just fine. Cleaning is awesome the hole down the pipe is perfect size for a que-tip so to clean it that's all you need and your scraper and your good to go. Also I've noticed the logo was backwards from regular dug outs but its so your thumb covers your bat when you open it thus not launching out your bat and breaking on all over the ground. Just the thought and the design of this product is amazing there is nothing I would change, my only complain is you can still see the rough finish from sanding and when dipping mine in color some water spots came out, now I'm not trying to tire kick here but I am paying $85 for a dug out so I just don't want any mistakes at all still gets a full 5/5 stars In my book it's just that good of a product"

Tactical Hit Co. 2 Sided Dugout with Glass Bat

This thing is sick!

  Anonymous - Jul 26 2013, 02:22 AM

"Mine showed up today and I must say I'm not disappointed! I was worried I would really regret spending 85 dollars on a dugout and I would do it again in a heart beat. I didnt expect the teeth to do much on it but it helps so much you don't just stab like an idiot at your herb only to find nothing like with every other glass bat Ive tried to make work with dug outs because I was worried about spending the money. I was sure i was going to hate the bat that came with it but i honstly love it the bowl is perfect size, the hole is a little on the big side but i havent had much problems yet. My advice is buy this everything on it just works how it should, my one frustrating thing is they just didn't send me the adjuster for the leds but other than that I love this product!"

Tactical Hit Co. 2 Sided Dugout with Glass Bat


  Anonymous - May 12 2013, 14:43 PM

"I hope this is the future"

Tactical Hit Co. 2 Sided Dugout with Glass Bat

Somewhat disapointing

  Hisnameismyname2 - Dec 26 2012, 12:06 PM

"I was super excited about ordering this product. THC's statements about quality made products touched close to home. The dugout itself is great and it meets my expectations. However, the glass bat is disapointing to me. My bat was not as nice as the pictures portrayed. It's on the thinner side, and the hole is on the larger side... Meh, hopefully I can find another piece of glass to fit in this great dugout."

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