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eDab Cartridge Refill Kit
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The eDab Cartridge Refill Kit is a one of a kind package from eDab that includes everything you need and then some to discreetly refill and transport your concentrated essential oil cartridges with minimal effort and waste.

Each eDab Refill Kit comes equipped with a cutting-edge oil applicator that is constructed from a true medical grade quality of glass. This mini essential oil applicator makes removing or adding thin oils to your cartridges or storage containers a quick and mess-free process. Simply dip the applicator's tip into your concentrated essential oils, pull back the plunger and in just a moment's notice you can quickly pick up to 1mL of oil with absolutely no waste.

eDab includes two interchangeable blunt-edge tips that can be swapped out to accommodate concentrates of varying consistencies. To ensure safe-use neither of these tips use a needle-like pointed end, each tip features a circular flat end with each coming in a different gauge (diameter) to provide an ideal tool for a variety of material. These micro-sized filling tips make the perfect tool for refilling most essential oil cartridges as they often use extremely small filling ports that will almost always result in waste, with eDab's Oil Applicator you can easily achieve your cartridges maximum capacity without a drop of your precious oil going to waste. Depending on the size of your cartridge or storage container you may not even need to use either of the included tips.

Within this kit you will also find eDab's classic stainless steel hand tool. This convenient little dab tool makes the perfect companion for working with both waxy concentrates and thin essential oils alike. Whether you simply need it to fill your wax vape cartridges or you are looking reclaim oil from a leaky tank, eDab's Mini Hand Tool has you covered.

Inside of every eDab Cartridge Refill Kit you will also find an innovative holder that neatly stores your essential oil applicator, interchangeable tips and it can even double as a cartridge holder. This convenient holder is 100% removable, leaving you with the option of removing it to free up space for other cartridges, dab tools or whatever other accessories you may need to bring with you.

Finally, the entire Refill Kit from eDab sits inside a lightweight and child-resistant container that is small enough to comfortably fit into a pants or jacket pocket for easy travel. This portable container features an all solid body to keep your refill kit as discreet as possible and it features a child-resistant pop top cap that can be quickly opened by squeezing each side of the container.

Stop wasting your waxy concentrates and thin essential oils, invest eDab's Cartridge Refill Kit today and you will soon see refilling concentrated essential oils has never been made so simple!


To lengthen to overall lifespan of the Cartridge Refill Kit from eDab please clean thoroughlly after each use.


Cartridge storage capacity: 1.0ml

Applicator capacity: 1.0mL


1 x 1mL Glass Applicator
1 x Standard Gauge Blunt-Edge Tip
1 x Large Gauge Blunt-Edge Tip
1 x eDab Stainless Hand Tool
1 x Applicator/Cartridge Holder
1 x Child Resistant Container (White)

Brand: eDab

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