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Where is located?

EZVapes is located in New Jersey, USA.

When and how can I reach
To contact customer service for general questions or for help with your order call (855) 398-2737 between the hours of . . .
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Is an authorized reseller and will my warranty be valid? is an authorized distributor of any product we purchase directly from the manufacturer. All other products . . .
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Does sell refurbished vaporizers? does not stock, ship, or sell ANY refurbished vaporizers from any brand under ANY circumstances. When . . .
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How can I get in touch with's Marketing/Advertising department?
Our advertising/marketing department is inundated with offers, there is no direct line or email address available. The only . . .
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If your name is, why does my address bar say and is one and the same. We own both URLs and simply forwards to . . .
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What are the basic ingredients of e-liquid?
E-liquid is usually comprised of nicotine, propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), plus natural and/or artificial . . .
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Toll free 855-398-2737 Open Mon-Fri 10A-6P Eastern or later.
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