Medium 5 Piece Diamond Grind Grinder 56mm

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Medium 5 Piece Diamond Grind Grinder 56mm
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Diamond Grind is changing everything you know about grinders with this new 5 piece anodized aluminum grinder. You get everything you usually expect from a premium grinder of it's size like the magnetically sealed top, stainless steel sifting screen, and bottom storage area, but the difference here is it adds an additional stainless steel sifting screen that has a little more room between metal threads. So your material will now be sifted through 2 screens, the first being a little larger than the second, to get every last active ingredient from your material.

The medium size measures 56mm (about 2.25") making it a great size for multi-purpose use, at home or on the go.

Also Included:

- Black Velvet Carrying Case

- Scraping Tool


Anodized Aluminum

Looking for something smaller? Diamond Grind 5 Piece Aluminum grinders are also available in:

Small - 50mm (about 2")

Large - 62mm (about 2.5")

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Brand: Diamond Grind

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Medium 5 Piece Diamond Grind Grinder 56mm

Happily surprised

  Ryan - Aug 03 2015, 08:59 AM

"I received this grinder the same day I received a mini Santa Cruz shredder 4-piece from EZVAPES. Before it arrived, I had been really excited to try a 5-piece for the first time. But shortly after it arrived, I took a peek at the screen on the mini SCS that shipped in the same box, which I noticed is much finer than either screen on the 5-piece Diamond Grind, as well as every other grinder I own. (I own several grinders.) Consequently, I tried this grinder once, loading it with either 0.5 g or 1 g of herbs, then quickly decided the grinder almost certainly won't be useful to me because the bottom screen isn't as fine as the screen on the mini SCS. Since then I have realized my AroMed vaporizer doesn't require a fine grind (and may actually perform better with coarsely ground herbs). At about the same time, I also realized the extremely fine screen on my mini SCS is probably too fine to sift anything other than what appears to be pulverized plant matter, rather than kief. So I decided to give the Diamond Grind another chance. Smart decision. This grinder knows how to sift out the very blonde kief, and a lot of it. Furthermore, it leaves you with a considerable amount of somewhat-finely-ground plant matter atop the lower screen, with the normally-ground stuff atop the upper screen. The diameter of this grinder is very nice for my hands (which have lost a considerable amount of feeling and dexterity), as is the height. This grinder doesn't feel anywhere near as nice, solid, smooth, or precisely machined as a Santa Cruz Shredder or a Space Case, but its excellent function kinda diminishes the importance of its non-luxury status. The only reason I deducted a star is because I'm just so used to the amazing feel of Santa Cruz Shredders. Regarding function, I would give this grinder 5 stars."

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