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VripTech Heat Wand 3.0
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The Vriptech Heat Wand 3.0 is lightweight, ergonomic and features an all glass heating surface that warms up fast.

The VHW's patented 2 piece design is far superior to and less cumbersome than other 1 piece heat wand "knock-offs" or even quality heat guns like the Steinel. Utilizing the VripTech VHW 3.0 in combination with a VripTech PerK or Pro-Model water tool makes possible consistent, super concentrated, broad spectrum aromatic vapor extractions which very few (if any) vaporizers available today can truly deliver.

Optional heavy duty glass stand helps your new VHW 3.0 sit upright when not in use and heat up and cool down faster when it is. Do you have what it takes to be a VripMaster?

Looking for the ultimate VripTech setup? Upgrade to the VripTech 007 VHW Kit complete with the rock solid hard shell case with custom foam insert that holds every piece of your VripTech snugly, including the included VripTech Water Tool PerK, 14.4mm Chamber with Upper Intake, VHW 3.0 and Glass Stand. This set is the ultimate VripTech package for the hardcore vapor enthusiast! Note: Custom foam insert is developed and made by the manufacturer of the VripTech Heat Wand and the resulting modified product is not endorsed or sponsored by Pelican.


- Vaporizing Heat Wand

- VripTech Glass Poker

- EZVapes Rewritable Storage Jar

- Vripmaster Sticker


The VHW is made of glass with an all glass heating surface and makes use of a 60W/120V US electrical wire and plug.

Genuine VripTech VHW Parts and Accessories:

Glass Stand

Water Tool Pro Model

Water Tool PerK

Spare Parts Kit

Glass Poker w/ Oil Collector

Vaporization Chamber 9.5mm

Vaporization Chamber 12mm

Vaporization Chamber 14.4mm

Vaporization Chamber 18.8mm

Vriptech Heat Wand 3.0 Parts and Accessories


VripTech International

Manufacturer's Warranty:

Standard coverage for the VHW from VripTech is 90 days on the element/electronics and 30 days on manufacturer based defects on the glass (if the glass cracks from regular usage).

Additional Manufacturer Information:

"VripTech Products are for use with legal aromatherapeutic dry blends, botanicals, blends, and essential oils only. Buyers and users of this product are responsible for all loss or damage from use or handling of this product."

Brand: VripTech International

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VripTech Heat Wand 3.0


  TJ - Apr 20 2012, 18:01 PM

"The VripTech VHW 3.0 is the best vape I have ever used !! You can not beat the BENEFITS of GLASS on GLASS !! ... the taste is like NO OTHER VAPE or any kind of smoke-able way!! It is so clean, so pure, after the first month I could no longer stand to smoke my favorite herb in any other way, the taste I always loved in pipes or even rolled cigs does not exist any longer !! Burning my herbs of any type taste NASTY/DIRTY now !! Using Ice in the Water Tool helps to keep it very cool also !! Now some people may have concerns about breakage !! I have been using mine DAILY for 4 mos, without incident !! I even purchased a replacement for the HAND BLOWN GLASS PIECE that is the most fragile part of the HEAT WAND, just in case !! I recommend buying the VripTech Kit, which includes their best water tool, the PERK, the glass stand which speeds up heating and PROTECTS your WAND and comes in a custom made PELICAN CASE !!! I have Multiple Sclerosis, can not feel the ends of my fingers so was concerned about breakage !! Another tip, find a comfortable location to sit and use the wand, and do not let others touch it !! Hold the wand for them only tis much safer !! As soon as you have VAPED the bowl place the wand back into the stand don’t sit and talk holding it cause there is a chance you might accidently wave it around as you are talking , hitting the HAND BLOW FRAGILE GLASS end on a table, chair or wall !! This was the only complaint others had about this product !! One person went thru 3 glass end pieces in less than 3 mos, cause of not having the stand and talking while holding it !! Some of us are quite animated when we speak, using our hands to help get the point across ! I have used many different products and ways to smoke my favorite herb for over 40yrs, nothing is better tasting than the VripTech VHW 3.0!!! Oh another tip, get some ORANGE CHRONIC Glass CLEANER, it is safe, biodegradable with no smell or after taste, takes on a minute or 2 to clean and do it regularly for the BEST FLAVOR!! I also cleaned friends glass pipes that had years of use without cleaning, was easy and they looked brand new when I was done !!"

VripTech Heat Wand 3.0


  S.P. - Jul 25 2011, 13:40 PM

"The Vrip tech wand is far better than other vaporizers. It is also nice and light weight and comfortable to hold. It takes a few minutes to heat up, and then stays hot for as long as its plugged in. The vapor is thick and strong and allows you to appreciate the taste."

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