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4 Piece Mini Santa Cruz Shredder Rasta Grinder 40mm
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Santa Cruz Shredder grinders are made in the USA from anodized aluminum and feature a unique patented tooth design which promotes a more fluffy and even grind.

This 4 part grinder features red, gold, green, and black pieces to create an awesome Rasta color scheme that adds a little more style to its quality build and functionality.

The top chamber of the Santa Cruz Shredder Rasta grinder uses 2 rows of shredder teeth to rip through material while creating a fluffy end result. The second chamber uses a stainless steel mesh screen to filter smaller material and stores them in the third compartment at the bottom.

Each chamber is held together with minimal threading, which makes opening and closing the grinder parts easier, reducing the chance of damage that usually occurs with prolonged use of most grinders.

The 40mm Mini Santa Cruz Shredder is 40mm (about 1.5 inches) wide and adds form to top shelf function; perfect for grinding at home or on the move.


- 1 x Santa Cruz Shredder 4 Piece Rasta Grinder Mini 40mm

Brand: Santa Cruz Shredder

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4 Piece Mini Santa Cruz Shredder Rasta Grinder 40mm

Pretty sweet

  Ryan - Aug 03 2015, 09:56 AM

"This grinder does a great job. Plus it's tiny and lightweight, and it has enough room to easily store at least 0.3 g of herbs (or likely considerably more). I will probably never need it for its portability, but I know it will make a very good portable grinder if I ever need one. Also, it's much easier to use than the 2-piece mini SCS. Like essentially all Santa Cruz Shredders, this grinder is beautiful. It has no cosmetic imperfections, and the threading is very smooth, especially with a little Grinder Grease. Mine has the finest screen I've ever seen on a grinder, by far. At first I was very excited about the fine screen, but now I realize the screen is probably *too* fine. It appears the only thing small enough to make it through the screen is pulverized plant matter (or powder). I have had this grinder for a week. A couple days ago the magnet in the lid came out. I super glued it back in, and that seems to have worked, but I still feel a little uneasy about it. I'm worried that my attempt at returning function to the grinder may have left the magnets in constant contact with each other, which it seems could possibly leave me with some metal shavings. Fortunately I have several other quality grinders, all of which will surely outlive me. Regardless, I did a little experiment with a handful of 4-piece grinders yesterday: I mixed a small amount of dough out of flour and water, then placed tiny dough balls between the magnets of my grinders and made sure the lids were closed tightly, to find out if grinder magnets actually touch each other. I can't say this with 100% certainty, but it appears that most grinder magnets don't actually make contact with each other. I don't know if my magnets contacted each other a few days ago, but they do now. In fact, I kinda want the glue to fail so I can try again to glue the magnet in place. If that ever does happen, I will probably put a few pieces of paper between the magnets while the glue dries, to leave just a tiny gap so the magnets don't contact each other and leave metal shavings in my herbs. (The magnet is very strong, though, which is very clear when you try to pull it off of the other magnet with your fingers.) If you're after some blonde kief but don't also want to buy a pollen box, consider buying a Diamond Grind 5-piece. Also, read my review of the 56 mm Diamond Grind 5-piece."

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