12 Months of Magic Flight

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In desperate need of a Magic Flight Launch Box to call your own but don't have the 99 beans to get one? Well don't worry, EZVapes is going to give you up to 12 chances to win one of these awesome portable vaporizers. That's right, between March 1st and December 31st we will be randomly giving away 12 Magic Flight Launch Boxes 100% free!

Less than 12 months left in 2011 you say? That's OK, we are going to make up for lost time and give out 2 Magic Flight Launch Boxes each month in March and April - so you will have double the odds of winning those months! That's not all: Each Magic Flight Launch Box winner will also receive a beautiful wooden Sweetleaf brand pocket grinder, mini herb jar, and bonus gifts!

Becoming eligible for this giveaway could not be easier, unless of course the entire world was eligible by doing nothing. But in that case your chances of winning which would be something like 1 in 6,775,235,741. So what do you have to lose? You may be losing out on a free Magic Flight Launch Box if you don't sign up. The first 2 Launch Boxes have already been won! 

Here's how to get in on this and get your 12 chances at winning a Magic Flight:

If you are already a subscriber then do nothing except keep an eye on your email to see if you win!

If you are not yet a subscriber use this simple form to enter and signup for the EZVapes Vaporizer Newsletter:

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The EZVapes.com is newsletter is sent once or twice a month contains vaporizer news, sneak peeks at new products, and much more. Not only do you get access to unpublished discounts and special VIP offers but you also get automatic entry in to our many invite-only contests and giveaways.

EZVapes.com is truly dedicated to your privacy, our email newsletter list is not shared with ANY third party in any way for any reason and never will be. EZVapes.com will never send you SPAM and includes a safe unsubscribe link on each and every newsletter we send.

Why are we doing this? For one we love the Magic Flight and want to give everyone a chance to experience and enjoy vaporizing with the Launch Box. Second is to shamelessly promote our vaporizer newsletter which we really do think you will find of great value. :)

Here's How it Works:

1. Each 4th week of the month starting in March we will select a member or members (depending on how many vaporizers we are giving away that month) of our email newsletter at random to receive a Magic Flight Launch Box and send notification via email.

2. Each winner has 7 days to respond and redeem their prize. If no reply is received the unclaimed Launch Box goes back in the pool to be given away the following month. If this happens that means everyone gets an extra chance to win!

3. Every month on the 15th the eligibility locks until the 1st of the next month. For example, everyone who gets in by March 15th will have a shot at winning the first 2 Magic Flights for March and every month thereafter. Everyone who joins after the 15th of March will be eligble for the Magic Flights for April and every month forward from that point. As the months go on and more subscribers are entered it will be harder to win so get in early for the best shot at taking home a brand new baby Magic Flight from our nursery.

Just can't wait?

EZVapes.com is a great place to buy the Magic Flight Launch Box because you get:

- Easy, Secure Online or Phone Order

- Always Plenty In Stock

- Free Priority Shipping

- Free Sweetleaf Wooden Pocket Grinder

- Free Mini Herb Jar

- The Magic Flight Launch Box comes with a Lifetime Warranty

- We stock all parts and accessories for your convenience and they can be easily added to your order.


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