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It's that time of year again, weather is warming up, spring is definitely in the air, and our favorite counterculture celebration is about to be in full swing! In keeping with our tradition of a Black Friday-like 420 sale every year around this time, we have 8 amazing deals and even a few invite-only surprises up our sleeve! Sign up for our free weekly newsletter so you don't miss anything and make sure to grab your discount codes below. Just enter any of these coupon codes at checkout or simply give us a call during normal business hours for the best deal possible!

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*Rules/Restrictions: A few items may not be eligible for some of the deals above, please contact us if you have trouble using a coupon code on the product you want to purchase. When using LUCKY7 coupon code, please note that we do not accept specific freebie “requests”. Coupon codes cannot be combined online unless otherwise specified. You may combine coupons when placing a phone order but only 1 coupon can be used per item. Discounted price match orders are not eligible for the GLOBAL free international shipping discount or any other additional discount.

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