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Looking for a vaporizer associate program that works as hard for you as you do for it? Look no further than the EZ Vapes Partner Program. Our 2-tier affiliate program gives you the necessary tools to succeed. From personalized banners and ads for your site to coupon codes generated to keep your customers coming back, you have everything right at your fingertips from the start. We have been in the business of converting traffic into sales for years and our experienced sales team is backed by excellent customer service and affiliate support.
More Ways to Generate Revenue
There is absolutely no reason to work for free, which is exactly what you may be doing with other vaporizer affiliate programs! The majority of affiliate programs online (in any industry) do not pay commission on telephone orders, but pays out to affiliates for all phone orders in addition to online credit and debit card purchases. Many shoppers prefer to pay for their online purchases by phone and other customers may have limited access to the internet or an operational computer. These types of customers can make up a high percentage of affiliate referrals. understands this and takes steps to insure that you will have every available tool at your disposal to track 100% of your commissions, no matter how the customer is referred.
Great Customer and Affiliate Partner Support
Our sales and customer service team is the best in the business, having decades of combined experience in the field of phone sales and web support services. EZ Vapes customers don't have to jump through hoops to get a live person on the phone - this means easier commissions for you! There are no automated menus to navigate and no cheesy elevator waiting music, from the moment someone dials our number they will be greeted by a well-spoken individual ready to cater to their needs whether it be to place an order, check order status, or simply to inquire about our website or available products.



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Toll free 855-398-2737 Open Mon-Fri 10A-6P Eastern or later.
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