Age Verification Policy

EZVapes offers a wide variety of products. Read below to learn about our age verification process and how it all works. If you have any questions, please call our customer service line during normal business hours.

Purchasing Non-Nicotine Products

To make any purchase at our website, you must tick the box at checkout to confirm you are 18 years of age or older and of legal smoking age in your state, if higher (view map). Unless you are purchasing a vapor product that contains nicotine or is for use with nicotine, including nicotine-free e-liquid (ENDS), there are no additional steps required to confirm your age, except at our discretion. New Jersey residents, please note that you must be 19 years of age or older to purchase any item from the EZVapes website. 

Purchasing Nicotine Products (ENDS)

Recently, the FDA has made the decision to regulate vapor products that contain or deliver nicotine (including nicotine-free e-liquid). Many of the items EZVapes offers, do or could potentially fall under FDA regulation. Officially referred to as ENDS, these items are marked with a red notice on the product page. To comply with these new rules, we require all customers purchasing ENDS to enter their birth date during checkout. In addition, we must require photo ID from any customer purchasing ENDS who is under 27.

Photo ID verification is not required for customers who are 27 years of age or older or reside outside of the USA. However, you must still enter your birthdate at checkout when purchasing ENDS.

How It Works

You will see a red notice on the product page and in your shopping cart if an ENDS item has been added.

If there is no red notice on the product page, this step is not required to purchase a given item, meaning it does not fall under the classification of an Electronic Nicotine Delivery System.

When you checkout with items that require additional age-verification, you will be prompted to enter your date of birth during checkout. If you are 27 years of age or older, no additional action is required on your part, except at our discretion. 

If you are under age 27, once the order is submitted, you will receive an email with instructions on how to securely upload your ID. Your ID will be reviewed and verified within 24 hours, excluding weekends and Holidays. Once approved, your item will enter our processing queue to be packed and shipped. Failure to upload your ID when required will result in immediate order cancellation.

Please note that if you are under 27 you will be required to upload an image of your ID every time you place an order.

Additional Info

As per our terms of use, you are the one and only person permitted to place orders using your account credentials. Customers purchasing ENDS are strictly forbidden from sharing their customer account with others, regardless of age or relation. Any suspicious activity involving the unauthorized usage of your account in relation to the purchase of ENDS may result in additional verification requirements and/or indefinite account suspension.

New Jersey Customers Only

EZVapes is located in New Jersey, and as such we must comply with relevant state rules and regulations. If purchasing an ENDS product, any customer located in NJ will be required to provide their birthdate at checkout, in addition to photo ID, regardless of age, before their order can be processed and shipped. When ordering products that are not classified as ENDS, you will not be required to provide photo ID. If you are unwilling or unable to provide photo ID when purchasing ENDS and you are located in NJ, your order will be cancelled and refunded in full. Additionally, as per state law non-cartridge e-liquids without a childproof cap will not be shipped to New Jersey residents.


Our secure upload service is provided by SendThisFile. SendThisFile is compliant with HIPAA, EU-US Privacy Shield, SAS 70 Type II, SSAE16, PCI DSS and FIPS 140-2. You can read more about SendThisFile here and the service they provide here.

Compliance Statements

EZVapes is exclusively an online/ecommerce seller. We do not have a retail storefront. We do not manufacture or contract any third party to manufacture ENDS, including mixing or making e-liquids. EZVapes is currently in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.


We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to being your go-to vaping source, now and far into the future. In order to accomplish that mission, we must make every effort to comply with all rules and regulations as they come into effect, and we hope you understand that your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Thank you for your business and loyalty!

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