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Extreme Q/V-Tower

Welcome to the Arizer Extreme Q/V-Tower FAQ at EZVapes.com! Below we have compiled some frequently asked questions we get about the Arizer Extreme Q and V-Tower. So if you have a few questions about these vapes or just aren't sure it's the vape for you, then you will find this page very useful. Of course if you don't see the question you had in mind here or you would like to add your own, feel free to use our live chat function, send us an email, or call us directly during normal business hours at (855) 398-2737.

Questions and Answers About the Arizer Extreme Q/V-Tower

What's the difference between the two, they look the same?

The Extreme Q is basically the newer and updated model of the V-Tower. The "Q" in the name stands for "Quiet Edition" so one immediate upgrade is the unit being overall more quiet.

The V-Tower used to have a fan, fill balloons, and have a remote but now it is strictly a digital whip style vaporizer. However the Extreme Q still comes with the ability to use vapor balloons or a whip and it has the remote.

Do I need the remote for the Extreme Q?

You don't actually need it to operate the vape, it just makes it a lot easier. The vape has everything you need as far as buttons to get it working right on the face of the vape.

Ultimately, the remote is just a luxury but if you lost it or broke it we highly recommend getting a replacement right away. The remote, to many, is seen as one of the numerous reasons the Q is such a great vaporizer..

Is the Extreme Q worth the extra money over the V-Tower?

Absolutely. Even just for the remote alone. But other than the remote the upgrades are everywhere. It is a quieter unit, has multiple fan speeds, and it fills balloons in a addition to being able to be used with a whip.

If you aren't sure if you want to spend the extra money on the Extreme Q please just trust us and do it.

Is the glass around the heating element covered under warranty?

No it is not, but you have the option of sending it in for repair or buying a replacement glass cover which is an easy install.

Do you use the fan when using the whip, or just to fill balloons?

You don't have to use the fan when using the whip, but it is something you can do and it is worth trying

What comes free with the Arizer Extreme Q and V-Tower at EZVapes.com?

When you order the Extreme Q or V-Tower at EZVapes.com you get the following things for free:

- Large 4-piece EZ Grind premium aluminum grinder.  This heavy duty aluminum grinder is sure to take any beating you throw it's way whether you are using it at home or on the road.

- Industry standard air tight storage jar with our EZVapes full color logo. The lid even has a rewritable space to mark your contents - only at EZVapes.com!

- Fast, Free Priority Shipping - get your new vaporizer delivered in 1-3 days at no extra cost  - only at EZVapes.com!

- Full color EZVapes.com indoor/outdoor decal (sticker) - our thanks for choosing us!

- Manufacturer's Lifetime Functional Warranty on the Heating Unit

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