FAQ: Magic Flight Launch Box

Magic Flight Launch Box

Welcome to the Magic Flight FAQ at EZVapes.com! Below we have compiled some frequently asked questions we get about the Magic Flight Launch Box. So if you have a few questions about this vape or just aren't sure it's the vape for you, then you will find this page very useful. Of course if you don't see the question you had in mind here or want to add one to this page, feel free to use our live chat function, send us an email, or call us directly during normal business hours at (855) 398-2737.

Questions and Answers About the Magic Flight Launch Box

Is the Launch Box difficult to use?

No. In fact, the MFLB is the most popular vaporizer for beginners and is a great way to familiarize yourself with the practice of vaporizing.

How long do the batteries last?

This will fluctuate somewhat depending on the person. You should be able to get 10-15 pulls per battery, if not, you may be heating the Magic Flight too long.

You should only push the battery in for about 5 seconds, tops. Holding it too long is going to waste juice in the battery and possibly even burn your material (that's a no-no). 

How long do the batteries take to charge?

When completely dead, the batteries for the Magic Flight will generally take about an hour to charge one and an hour and a half to charge both of them at the same time. 

If the batteries still have some juice then they will take less than the times listed. You'll know when each battery is charged by the blinking green lights below them on the charger glowing a solid green.

Is an extra battery set recommended?

It really depends on the user's preference. An extra set of batteries allows for virtually continuous vaporizing sessions which makes using the Launch Box on a regular basis much more hassle-free and convenient.

Does the optional whip tubing really make a difference?

Yes, we highly suggest adding at least the standard 1ft whip to your MFLB order. The Magic Flight's standard mouthpiece stem is really short, and adding the draw whip helps cool the vapor significantly before it reaches your mouth while allowing you to better see what is going on inside your Box.

What size whip to choose? The size of the pull will be dictated in part by the length of the whip: the longer whips allow the user to take a larger, deeper pull.

As an extra bonus, the draw whips for the Magic Flight are also cross-compatible with the Vapman vaporizer.

How hard is it to clean the Magic Flight?

Cleaning the Magic Flight really couldn't be any easier, it is all about upkeep. After each use it is recommended you use the included brush to wipe out any leftover material that may have stuck around after dumping the used material. By doing this you will ensure the hot plate/screen doesn't get any build up of used material that might inhibit airflow.

Does EZVapes.com stock the newest version of the Launch Box?

Yes, we stock the recently updated version (with black tin and wall charger) and all current and forthcoming accessories available from the manufacturer. All Launch Boxes are from stock less than 30 days old. In fact, we order a fresh supply every month to make sure our customers aren't buying products that have been sitting in a warehouse for months.

What comes free with the MFLB at EZVapes.com?

When you order the Magic Flight Launch Box at EZVapes.com you get the following things for free:

- Choice of free Magic Flight Mini Aluminum Grinder or a beautiful one-of-a-kind real wooden Sweetleaf Pocket Grinder - exclusively at EZVapes.com!

- Fast, Free Priority Shipping - get your new vaporizer delivered in 1-3 days at no extra cost  - only at EZVapes.com!

- Portable mini herb jar - easy, convenient storage for your aromatherapy herbs on the go - another EZVapes.com free bonus!

- Full color EZVapes.com indoor/outdoor decal (sticker) - our thanks for choosing us!

- All standard accessories are of course included with MFLB complete kit: sleek black tin, cleaning brush, batteries, charger, and velvet pouch

- Manufacturer's Lifetime Functional Warranty

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