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Welcome to the Vapir NO2 FAQ at EZVapes.com! Below we have compiled some frequently asked questions we get about the Vapir NO2. So if you have a few questions about this vape or just aren't sure it's the vape for you, then you will find this page very useful. Of course if you don't see the question you had in mind here or would like to add your own, feel free to use our live chat function, send us an email, or call us directly during normal business hours at (855) 398-2737.

Questions and Answers About the Vapir NO2

Can you use the NO2 without the plastic draw whip that comes with it?

Technically you can, but we certainly wouldn't recommend it. You'd be drawing vapor basically directly out of the chamber and it would probably be pretty harsh/hot.

The Vapir NO2 comes with the draw whip so as long as you don't lose it we definitely suggest attaching it every time. If you do lose it you can find replacements here.

Can you use the Vapir NO2 while it is charging?

Yes you can and this is a huge advantage for this vaporizer over other vaporizers with lithium-ion batteries, such as the Arizer Solo.

How long does the battery last on the NO2?

A lot longer than most rechargeable batteries. Every time we've had a full charge on the NO2 we've easily been able to get 2 sessions out of that charge and sometimes even 3. Also don't forget the NO2 can be used while plugged in.

Can I hurt the battery by leaving it charging even though it's fully charged?

Nope, the battery on the NO2 is a lithium ion battery so you won't damage it if you leave it on the charger for an extended amount of time.

My battery display has dropped down to just one bar after charging. Is something wrong with my battery?

No. Although it will appear your battery is depleting quite quickly we believe this to be an error with the battery life display. You will find that even with just one notch showing your battery will last the full lifetime with most of it being on the one battery notch displayed.

What advantages does the NO2 hold over the Iolite?

The number 1 advantage the NO2 has is that it uses absolutely no butane. There is nothing you need to buy to keep the NO2 going, as it comes with a fully rechargeable lithium ion battery. So not only do you avoid any butane getting in your vapor, but you don't have to deal with refilling it.

What temperature is best to vaporize at with the NO2?

Generally you want to start around 375° Fahrenheit and then adjust from there depending on if you want a thicker warmer vapor or a cooler vapor.

How do I switch my NO2 temperature readout from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa?

You hold the red power button for about 30 seconds and the NO2's temperature readout will switch over.

What comes free with the NO2 at EZVapes.com?

When you order the NO2 at EZVapes.com you get the following things for free:

- Large 4-piece EZ Grind premium aluminum grinder.  This heavy duty aluminum grinder is sure to take any beating you throw it's way whether you are using it at home or on the road.

- Industry standard air tight storage jar with our EZVapes full color logo. The lid even has a rewritable space to mark your contents - only at EZVapes.com!

- Fast, Free Priority Shipping - get your new vaporizer delivered in 1-3 days at no extra cost  - only at EZVapes.com!

- Full color EZVapes.com indoor/outdoor decal (sticker) - our thanks for choosing us!

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