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Volatizer VM3

Welcome to the Volatizer VM3 FAQ at EZVapes.com! Below we have compiled some frequently asked questions we get about the Volatizer VM3. So if you have a few questions about this vape or just aren't sure it's the vape for you, then you will find this page very useful. Of course if you don't see the question you had in mind here or would like to add one, feel free to use our live chat function, send us an email, or call us directly during normal business hours at (855) 398-2737.

Questions and Answers About the Volatizer VM3

Why is the Volatizer VM3 so expensive?

The VM3 can seem a little over priced but in reality it offers so much that it justifies its price pretty well. First off, the vapor quality is right up there with any table top vaporizer, which is uncommon for a portable vaporizer, also it is small but still has an LED temperature read out making it much easier to use.

The VM3 is also great for anyone who needs something discreet. The small vapor whip you use for direct inhalation can be pushed back into the vaporizer easily.

Does the VM3 really match the vapor quality of a table top vaporizer?

Yes. Ask anyone who has used this vape and they will tell you it is right there in terms of quality, richness, and taste of the vapor. Anyone who says otherwise probably doesn't know how to properly operate it.

How long does the lithium-ion rechargeable battery on the VM3 last?

Generally the battery lasts about a half hour and sometimes up to 45 minutes. It will normally be more towards 45 minutes as long as you are not heating the unit for too long of a time.

What comes free with the VM3 at EZVapes.com?

When you order the Volatizer VM3 at EZVapes.com you get the following things for free:

- Large 4-piece EZ Grind premium aluminum grinder.  This heavy duty aluminum grinder is sure to take any beating you throw it's way whether you are using it at home or on the road.

- Fast, Free Priority Shipping - get your new vaporizer delivered in 1-3 days at no extra cost  - only at EZVapes.com!

- Full color EZVapes.com indoor/outdoor decal (sticker) - our thanks for choosing us!

- All the standard accessories come with the VM3 as well: 15 ceramic heating cartridges, carrying case, charging cord, tweezers, cleaning brush, and instruction manual.

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