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Welcome to the Wispr FAQ at EZVapes.com! Below we have compiled some frequently asked questions we get about the Wispr. So if you have a few questions about this vape or just aren't sure it's the vape for you, then you will find this page very useful. Of course if you don't see the question you had in mind here or would like to add your own, feel free to use our live chat function, send us an email, or call us directly during normal business hours at (855) 398-2737.

Questions and Answers About the Wispr

Is the Wispr a big improvement over the Iolite?

The Wispr improves on the Iolite in almost every way. One great addition is the butane window that shows you how much butane you have left at any time, stopping the guessing game you had with the Iolite. Other improvements include the bendable mouthpiece that tucks down on top of the Wispr, making it easier to store. The Iolite's shape is still a little better than the Wispr's square shape, but this is not enough of a reason to not upgrade to the Wispr in our opinion.

Does the WISPR "hiss" like the Iolite?

The Wispr uses the same butane powered flameless heating system as the Iolite so it does produce a hissing sound upon ignition. However, the heating system has been improved to require less cycling to keep the optimal vaporization temperature. Less cycling means less hissy noises from the new Wispr.

How big is the chamber size on the Wispr?

The herb chamber on the Wispr is a bit bigger than the Iolite, giving you more room to vaporize more material at once. Despite the larger size, the chamber still evenly vaporizes your material and does not waste any when used properly (Do not over pack).

Is the Wispr worth the increased price over the Iolite?

Yes, the Wispr is a big enough improvement in multiple areas that it justifies the price difference. Including the improvements listed above, the Wispr outperforms the Iolite in vapor thickness, quality and smoothness.

How will I know when to refill the butane in the Wispr?

You can always check the butane window on the Wispr, but you can also tell it is time to refill the butane when you hear the Wispr starting to sputter or stall a little bit.

What obvious advantages does the Wispr's new design have over the Iolite?

The first advantage you will immediately notice is the Wispr has a squared design, unlike the Iolite's curved design, which allows the Wispr to stand straight up when put down. This is great when using for extended periods or with friends, but not so great for portable reasons.

Are the original Iolite's and new Wispr's mouthpieces interchangeable?

No. Although the bowl piece is the same shape the attached corner and round piece of the respective vaporizers prevent them from being able to swapped.

Does the Iolite Optimizer work with the Wispr?

Yes it does. Also since the herb chambers on the Wispr and Iolite are so similar it is inserted the same way it was with the Iolite, with the 3 spikes facing upwards, surrounding the heating pin.

What comes free with the Wispr at EZVapes.com?

When you order the Wispr at EZVapes.com you get the following things for free:

- Large 4-piece EZ Grind premium aluminum grinder.  This heavy duty aluminum grinder is sure to take any beating you throw it's way whether you are using it at home or on the road.

- Large can of 5x refined butane, for the purest and smoothest experience possible with a butane powered vaporizer.

- Industry standard air tight storage jar with our EZVapes full color logo. The lid even has a rewritable space to mark your contents - only at EZVapes.com!

- Fast, Free Priority Shipping - get your new vaporizer delivered in 1-3 days at no extra cost  - only at EZVapes.com!

- Full color EZVapes.com indoor/outdoor decal (sticker) - our thanks for choosing us!

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