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Congratulations to our October and November Palm Vape winners!

October 1st: 

Chris G. from WA
Status: Prize Claimed!

October 19th: 

Matt N. from GB
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October 19th: 

Patrick T. from CA
Status: Prize Claimed!

With the final winner of the Palm Vaporizer with Pelican brand case being selected and notified that means it is time for yet another giveaway. With all the attention the Palm Vape and Pelican case giveaway has gotten and after numerous requests to continue it, we simply could not stop now. So for November we will be picking two more lucky winners on the 16th and 30th while we plan a special giveaway for December and the Holiday season!

The Palm Vape, from the creators of the VaporBLUNT, is a small portable vaporizer that runs off rechargeable batteries and even allows you to vaporize not only herbs, but essential oils and concentrates as well. Its familiar pipe design makes it a great first step for those yet to take the leap into the future with herbal vaporizing.

The screen inside the herb chamber of the Palm Vaporizer is completely removable, making cleaning super fast, easy and hassle free. From the herb chamber to the mouthpiece there is an all glass vapor path, so whatever material you choose to vaporize with it will give you nothing but the taste you are looking for with no outside interference.

Also with your new Palm Vape you will be getting the brand new and exclusive Palm Vape Sports Case. This Pelican brand case is dust proof, crush proof, water resistant and even comes with a lifetime guarantee due to Pelican's unwavering support for the products they put out. On the outside of the case is an extremely tough black outer shell that resists cracking or breaking and even sports a keychain clip on the side so you can strap your Palm Vaporizer case to your bag or keys and take it anywhere with you with ease.

Inside the case you will find a custom cut shock resistant foam that holds and protects your new Palm Vaporizer, three rechargeable batteries, battery wall charger, and 2-piece premium brand Diamond Grind herbal grinder. This foam is no typical foam though, this is a cross link, closed cell polyethylene foam which means instead of absorbing water it pushes it away and prevents mold, rust or any other harm to the contents inside.

On top of all that, the foam is military/medical grade and has a higher tensile tear resistance than any other foam, meaning it will not tear easily at all. This foam has been known to last over 10 years without showing any signs of deterioration what so ever. It really is the ultimate protection for your Palm Vaporizer and parts.

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