Tips and Tricks: Arizer Extreme Q 4.0

Extreme Q/V-Tower

Before Use:

- Before you start heating up the Arizer Extreme Q you want to always make sure your cyclone bowl is clean and there is no leftover material resting on the screen. Anything leftover in the bowl can create a bad tasting vapor if your new material is just placed over it.

- Heat up the Extreme Q to around 400 degrees Fahrenheit and let it stay heated up for about 15 minutes. This is going to burn off any packing oils the manufacturer may have used in the packing and shipping process. This will ensure your first experience with the Extreme Q will be a pleasant one.

During Heat Up

- While the Q is heating up it is best to ground up your material and have it ready in the cyclone bowl ahead of time. Since you can pre pack the bowl it is always a good idea to do so. Doing this ahead of time is going to make sure you aren't wasting any heat what so ever when the vape reaches your desired temperature.

- If you are using the balloon inflation method you will also want to make sure the balloons are put together and ready to be filled. Fumbling around with balloons while the vape is already at your desired vaporizing temperature is something best avoided.

While Using:

- After each balloon you fill, or after every other pull you take from the whip, it is always recommended to use the included stir tool to stir up the material and make sure you are taking advantage of all the material and not just a percentage. This may seem tedious to some but in the end you are getting the most out of your material as possible, which is well worth the extra effort.

After Use:

- Once you are done you always want to dump out your used material and then use a brush, or even the stir tool, to get any leftover material sticking to the sides of the bowl off of there. Doing this ensures you don't eventually have a huge build up of leftover material that will later affect the taste. When using the stir tool just be extra careful you do not puncture the screen with the pointed end of the stir tool.


- A lot of the standard vaporizer cleaning rules apply to the Extreme Q. The glass parts are easily cleaned by soaking them in glass cleaner, rubbing alcohol, or another cleaning solvant such as 420 Cleaner. Just make sure you always rinse them off with water after soaking them and before you use the pieces again.

Advanced Techniques:

- If you purchase an additional glass elbow adapter for the Extreme Q you can actually attach it to the 3" mini whip you use to fill balloons and insert it into a water tool. Using the additional water filtration really cools your vapor and makes it extra smooth. When using this method make sure not to use the fan though, as it can strain the fan and cause it to stop working.

- For a bigger pull than normal you can pack the elbow adapter itself as if it were the bowl. Pack it tight enough so when it is turned upside down in the cyclone bowl it won't spill. Just to clarify this will still vaporize your material but give you a significantly larger pull with denser vapor. It will feel more difficult to pull from and this is normal, no matter how hard you pull your material will not make it through the screen so you don't have to worry about it.

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