Tips and Tricks: Arizer Solo

Before Use:

- Before turning on and starting to heat up the Arizer Solo make sure you do not have the glass mouthpiece connected to the heating element. Usually when heating up any vaporizer you want to to leave it sealed with either the vaporizers top or mouthpiece/whip. With the Solo, since it has an all glass mouthpiece it can heat up with the heating element significantly, making it hard to pack. However, the Arizer Solo has a little cap that you can plug the heating element with which will help the unit heat up fast and completely avoid heating up the mouthpiece.

- To turn on the Arizer Solo simply hold both the up and down buttons for about 2 seconds and you will hear the Solo beep, signaling it has turned on.

During Heat Up:

- If you aren't sure which heat level you want to start out at, we here at would suggest starting at heat level 4. From there you will be able to tell whether you want to adjust up or down. Once you find your comfortable temperature setting you can always set it to that temp after turning it on by holding the up button for a couple seconds.

- While the Arizer Solo is heating up, it shouldn't take any longer than 2 or 3 minutes, you can pack the bowl end of the glass mouthpiece. If you have your material resting in your grinder it is easy to just scoop the material into the bowl by just dipping the bowl end into the grinder and angling the grinder so it scoops right in. Be mindful not to over pack the Solo, you can fill the bowl completely but do not push it in and pack it tight. Doing so will affect the airflow and make taking pulls much harder.

- Do not try to take the packed mouthpiece and flip it upside down on to the heating element real quick, you are most likely going to spill a lot of the material. Instead flip the Solo itself upside down and then connect the mouthpiece while it is still upright. This will ensure you spill nothing.

While Using:

- Once the Arizer Solo is heated up and you have your material in the mouthpiece and it is connected to the Arizer Solo do not let it sit for very long because it can definitely affect the taste of the vapor. The longer you let it sit when first packing it the more it can affect the taste.

- Keep an ear out for the auto shut off feature. It kicks in after you have been using the Solo for about 12 minutes. When it does kick in you will hear a beep, just like you had just turned on the Arizer Solo. So when you hear that sound, if you are not done vaporizing, be sure to immediately turn it back on so the Solo doesn't lose too much heat.

- Always blow into the opening of the Solo that contains the heating element. This will clear out any material that may have stuck around while you were clearing out the mouthpiece. A good indication there is some material caught in there is when you take the mouthpiece off you will see some vapor creep out.

After Use:

- After you are done make sure you give the Arizer Solo a couple of minutes to cool down. When you first turn it off the mouthpiece is still going to be really hot from the heating element. You can take the mouthpiece out right after use but you have to be very careful not to touch anywhere near the bowl end of the mouthpiece.

- Always remove the glass mouthpiece from the Solo while it is not in use and put the cap over the opening of the heating element. If you leave the mouthpiece connected to the Solo it is just going to increase your chances of breaking it and capping the heating element makes sure that no dust or anything else gets in there when it isn't in use.


- Make sure you get any leftover material stuck to the bowl end of the mouthpiece out of there so it doesn't slowly build up and become a huge pain cleaning later on. Also try to find something around the house, such as a toothpick, to poke the 2 holes in the bowl end of the mouthpiece. The last thing you need is those 2 holes getting clogged up.

- Always take a look in the hole at the top of the Arizer Solo where the heating element is to make sure no material is in there. It doesn't happen often but sometimes there will be a small amount of vaporized material in there. It is really easy to get out using either a small brush, your finger (if it is not heated up), or blowing in it.

Advanced Techniques:

- While you are using the Solo instead of having to take the mouthpiece off after every couple of pulls and stir your material to get the most out of it, you can simply twist the mouthpiece left and right while it is on the heating element and it usually does a pretty good job at mixing up the material. Make sure not to smack the side of the Solo to try to stir the material, like you might with the Vapir NO2. You have to remember the mouthpiece is all glass so hitting the side could result in you cracking or breaking it.

- The Arizer Solo has no screen in the mouthpiece, just the 2 small holes that are at the end. These holes work well for the most part, but the addition of a screen makes a huge difference. You can take a standard vaporizer replacement screen and trim it down just a little bit. From there you can push the screen down into the mouthpiece, make sure it is the short end of the mouthpiece, don't insert the screen through the part of the mouthpiece you put your mouth on. The added screen really helps any material from not only making it through the holes but also from clogging it up. By stopping the material from blocking the 2 holes you will get a much improved flow of air.

- We found that the Vapir NO2 cleaning brush is a great cleaning tool for the Arizer Solo. It serves multiple purposes touched on previously such as cleaning out the opening where the heating element is, cleaning out the glass mouthpiece's longer stem inside, and also cleaning out the bowl end of the mouthpiece.

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