Tips and Tricks: Arizer V-Tower

Arizer V-Tower

Before Use:

- Just like when you open the Arizer Extreme Q for the first time, you want to heat the V-Tower up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and let it stay heated at that temperature for at least 15 minutes. Doing this will burn off and eliminate any packing oils the manufacturer may have used when packaging and shipping the product originally. This may seem unnecessary but it will lead to a more enjoyable first and future experience with your V-Tower.

During Heat Up

- When your V-Tower is heating up be sure to have the cyclone bowl and whip attached to the heating element. This will not only help the V-Tower heat up faster but also ensure an even and consistent vaporizing experience. Make sure while you are doing this the cyclone bowl is NOT packed.

While Using:

- Always remember to use your stir tool between each pull, or every other pull, from the V-Tower. It may seem like something that can get annoying but this is absolutely essential to getting every active ingredient out of your material.

After Use:

-After you are done using the V-Tower always give the cyclone bowl and heating element ample time to cool down before clearing out the bowl. The cyclone bowl does have a black rubber top but at times that can heat up as well. Trying to remove the cyclone bowl too soon can result in you burning yourself.


-Taking harder and longer pulls is going to result in you having to clean your glass elbow adapter more often due to the material clogging the screen. It is recommended to take lighter and slower pulls with the V-Tower to avoid having to replace screens over and over.

Advanced Techniques:

-Just like the Extreme Q you can also achieve stronger pulls from your V-Tower by packing the bowl end of the whip that normally attaches to the cyclone bowl. Picture your material where it would normally be in the cyclone bowl but instead directly above that spot packed into the elbow adapter of the whip directly. If you look at the picture of the whip you can see the elbow bowl piece you would pack in the lower right. You can pack it as tight as possible so the material does not fall out. This will make you have to use more lung power to pull since you are blocking the hot air's path through the bowl but it will give you a very strong and potent pull.

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