Tips and Tricks: Easy Vape

Easy Vape

Before Use:

- Over packing the Easy Vape can be done pretty easily, but a great way of avoiding this is putting the bowl end of the Easy Vape's whip over your material and inhaling through the mouthpiece of the whip. Once you see the material reach the screen, flip the bowl upside down so the material doesn't spill out when you stop inhaling. This will cover the screen with a perfect layer of material for vaporizing. Make sure you do this trick after the Easy Vape is heated up.

During Heat Up:

- While letting the Easy Vape heat up it is best to attach the whip to the heating element, but make sure you do not have your material packed in the bowl end of the whip while doing so. Doing this allows the Easy Vape to heat up faster than usual.

- If the heating element is glowing a hot orange color it may mean you have your temperature too high. When this occurs it is best to turn the unit off for about a minute and then reset to a lower temperature.

While Using:

- When attaching the bowl end of the whip to the heating element you can slowly rotate the bowl piece around the heating element with your fingers. This will ensure you vaporize your material evenly and get as much out of your material as possible.

After Use:

- After you are done using the Easy Vape when you remove the whip from the heating element you want to make sure no material is stuck to the screen or the heating element at all. Also the best way to clear the screen of any left over material is to exhale strongly through the whip's mouthpiece, forcing any stuck material off of the screen.


- Cleaning the whip is pretty standard, by soaking it in either soapy water or some rubbing alcohol. But in addition to the standard cleaning methods you want to also take a q-tip and swab the inside of the bowl end of the whip and also the heating element itself, as some material can sometimes fall through to the heating element.

Advanced Techniques:

- Many have said they achieve a thicker and more potent pull from the Easy Vape when it is tilted forward at an angle. You can use anything, such as a stack of magazines or a book, or even throw your grinder under it and you will get the necessary tilt to achieve this method.

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