Tips and Tricks: Eclipse Vape H2O

Eclipse Vape H2O

Before Use:

- If you are using a water tool with the Eclipse Vape H2O you must first put on the proper sized extension on the bottom of the vape so it fits the water tool. If you plan on using the Eclipse by itself you will want to just put one of the standard stem extensions on.

During Heat Up:

- The Eclipse should always be placed in the water tool while heating it, don't heat it and then place it on the water tool and pull, you can easily waste vapor and therefore waste your material.

While Using:

- During use under no circumstances should you touch the glass vial. It is going to be extremely hot. It is easy to get caught up while using it and grab it to shake it a bit to stir your material but you need to avoid this. Sounds like general knowledge but you'd be surprised how easy it is to forget.

- Never inhale while heating the glass vial, doing this doesn't allow proper vaporization.

After Use:

- This goes in conjunction with the above tip, do not try removing the vial right away. Not only can you burn yourself but it will be really easy to break the glass and you don't want the broken screw stem in the threading of the Eclipse.


- Any leftover material, if not oil, can be easily broken up with a tooth pick or even a stir tool to make it easily fall out of the glass vial.

- All the vials are easily cleaned by soaking in glass cleaner, rubbing alcohol, or soapy water. Of course be sure to rinse them off with water after cleaning and before use.

- The Eclipse itself can be cleaned using hot soapy water or pipe cleaners. Using both would be your best option.

Advanced Techniques:

- Just like you would with the Essential Vape, heating the top of the vial with your lighter before holding it under the material itself will heat the top of the vial and when you heat the bottom it actually heats up faster, achieving better vaporization.

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