Tips and Tricks: Essential Vape

Essential Vaaapp/Eclipse

Before Use:

- Before using the Essential Vape always make sure that when you screw the glass vial back on it is very securely fastened and as tight as possible without breaking. The reason for this is to ensure that no vapor has any chance to escape when inhaling. Although not a whole lot of vapor can escape through a vial not securely fastened you still don't want to waste any.

During Heat Up:

- Perhaps the most important thing when using the Essential Vape is how far you are holding the flame from the vial. You want your lighter to be at least 5 to 6 inches away from the vial or else you will either burn your material or possibly break the glass vial. Still, you want to always experiment with different flame distances and even different flame levels on the lighter, with some practice you will find what flame distance best suits you.

While Using:

- In between pulls from the Essential Vape it is a good idea to mix around your material just as you would with any other vape. You can either shake the vial around a little bit or unscrew the vial and mix it around with a stir tool. If you find the material is sticking to the glass and is not easy to stir then you may want to hold your lighter farther from the vial.

- If you are vaporizing different materials, such as herb and essential oils, be sure to use a different vial for each. You should have plenty of vials if you order from since you get an additional 6 for free.

After Use:

- Always make sure to run the area where the vape itself and the glass vial meet under hot water before unscrewing the vial. This will get rid of any sticky residue or resin that could have built up while vaporizing and will make taking the vial off easier. If you run into some resistance when trying to unscrew the vial and you don't use this method it is very possible to break the glass off into the threading, making it really hard to get out.


- The Essential Vape itself can easily be cleaned by running water through it and using a pipe cleaner. The vial on the other hand are best soaked in glass cleaning material, rubbing alcohol, or soapy water. Always make sure to rinse the cleaning substance you use off of the vials before use.

Advanced Techniques:

- One technique that works really well is heating the top of the vial with your lighter before holding it under the material itself. This heats the top of the vial and when you heat the bottom it actually heats up faster, achieving better vaporization.

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