Tips and Tricks: Hot Box

Hot Box

Before Use:

- Before using the Hot Box, if it is your first time using it, plug it in and let the vape heat up and stay heated for at least 15 minutes and then turn it off and let it cool down. Doing this will burn off any packing oils the manufacturer may have used when originally packing and shipping the vaporizer.

During Heat Up:

- While the Hot Box is heating up it actually can heat a little faster if you tip it on it's back, so the heating element is pointing straight up at the ceiling. Also while the Hot Box is heating up leave the vapor whip on the heating element, but do so with the whip not packed. This also helps the unit heat up faster.

While Using:

- While using the Hot Box if you feel like your vapor is too thick or too thin and you can't adjust the temperature to fix this you can actually adjust vapor thickness by how fast or slow you pull from the whip. Pulling faster will give you larger pulls and pulling slower will be a thinner but cooler vapor.

After Use:

- After you are done using the Hot Box you want to let it cool down to room temperature before you put it away. To speed this process up it is best to remove the vapor whip from the heating element if you haven't already.


- Like most vapor whips you can clean the Hot Box's whip by running hot or boiling water through it, but an additional trick is to straighten out a coat hanger and use it to scrape the inside of the whip to get any build up that the water misses. Doing this often will prevent any huge build up and keep each session with the Hot Box an enjoyable one.

Advanced Techniques:

- While holding the bowl end of the vapor whip to the Hot Box's heating element and drawing from the whip it is a good idea to rotate the bowl slowly around the heating element. When done correctly this can vaporize your material more evenly and give you a more consistent vapor.

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