Tips and Tricks: Incredibowl


Before Use:

- Before you start using the Incredibowl make sure the bowl is packed with your material as tight as possible because if you don't hold the Incredibowl at a slight angle and the material isn't packed tightly it can easily fall out.

During Heat Up:

- When holding the lighter to the bowl make sure you hold the flame away from the bowl and while inhaling draw the flame into the material. If you hold the flame under the glass bowl or on the Incredibowl itself you could end up damaging it.

While Using:

- While lighting your material and pulling from the end of the chamber make sure to pull the carb at the end while you are still pulling. If you stop pulling and then pull the carb you are going to allow a lot of the smoke to escape.

After Use:

- When you are done using the Incredibowl, either the m420 or i420, you want to pull the plastic mouthpiece off of the carb at the end and unscrew the part holding the screen to make sure there is no material built up under the screen and clean it off if necessary. Letting any built up material sit there can result in the screen getting clogged very fast because it is so small.


- The Incredibowl comes apart pretty easily so the cleaning is easy as well. The mouthpiece chamber can be washed with soapy water, either by scrubbing it or soaking, and the upper carb can actually be cleaned with Isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol works better with the metal than more expensive glass cleaners.

Advanced Techniques:

- When you light the Incredibowl and start pulling we found that clearing the chamber in two pulls rather than one can result in an even smoother and cooler smoke. Even if you pull twice without exhaling.

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