Tips and Tricks: Iolite


Before Use:

- Before you use the Iolite you of course want to fill it with butane. Once you do, you must realize that the butane is very cold initially and you need to give the Iolite about 5 minutes before you try to light the igniter. The Iolite works in most conditions but the one exception is when it is very cold the igniter will be hard to light. It is still possible to light it in cold conditions, it will just be more difficult.

During Heat Up:

- When you are holding the trigger in and the igniter is lit you want to hold it for only about 5 to 7 seconds (once it is heated up to temperature) so you don't get any combustion. This becomes something you get a feel for after using the Iolite a couple times. Initially you want to count out the seconds you are holding it down but over time you will be able to use it without counting at all.

While Using:

- While using the Iolite you will hear what sounds like a hissing sound, this is simply the Iolite releasing some of the butane gas and is normal, so don't let it alarm you. Venting the butane is important so that you don't end up burning your material or the Iolite itself.

After Use:

- When you are done using the Iolite you always want to clean out the herb chamber with the included cleaning tool and make sure you clean it well. Removing any used material is going to stop a build up that can eventually lead to a bad tasting vapor any time you use the vape.

- You will usually hear the aforementioned hissing sound for about 2 minutes after you turn off the Iolite. Once again don't let this alarm you as the Iolite is just venting butane gas and it is completely harmless.


- One really good cleaning trick is to use a q-tip that you soaked in rubbing alcohol to clean the herb chamber and all around the heating pin that sticks out in the chamber. Doing this regularly will avoid any strong odors coming from the Iolite while in use and avoid any bad tasting vapor.

Advanced Techniques:

- A lot of people over look the Iolite Optimizer that you can purchase as an accessory to the Iolite, although it is a minor upgrade it is definitely worth picking up. It helps deliver a thicker and smoother vapor from the Iolite.

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