Tips and Tricks: Magic Flight Launch Box

Launch Box Tips and Tricks

Before Use:

- Before using your Magic Flight Launch Box you first want to make sure you have 2 batteries fully charged and ready to go. Nothing will bum you out more than realizing you had only one battery half charged.

- Before loading your material into the herb trench on the Magic Flight, take the included mini cleaning brush and brush off the screen to remove any dust and/or leftover material that might be present from previous use.

- For the Launch Box, the finer your herb is ground the better. For best results, let your herb dry out just a bit if moist, then grind to as fine a consistency as possible and load sparingly into your Magic Flight. Sometimes with the MFLB, less can be more!

- Never put liquids or fine powders into your Launch Box. Doing so will ruin the delicate screen, which cannot be easily replaced.

During Heat Up:

- While holding the battery in, and the Magic Flight is heating up, be sure to look to make sure the little amber light is on. If it isn't your battery is either not charged or you are not pushing the battery in enough.

- Don't heat the Magic Flight any longer than 15 seconds each time or you may risk of burning your material, rather than vaporizing it.

- When you see vapor beginning to collect on the clear cover, you are ready to go! 

While Using:

- It is best to pull at a slow, steady pace while you are heating up the Magic Flight. Hold the battery in for 5 seconds and then begin to pull slowly while holding the battery in for additional 5 seconds for roughly 10 seconds total. Be sure to experiment a little each time until you develop a technique that works best for you.

- Shake your Launch Box to redistribute the herbs immediately after taking each pull. This will insure that the herb is vaporized evenly for an efficient and enjoyable experience every time.  

- Your material is "spent" when holding in the battery no longer generates vapor. Be sure to brush off the screen each time you reload the Launch Box.

After Use:

- Clean off the herb trench with your mini brush. Doing this after use (as opposed to prior) is far more important as any leftover material that is not cleaned may end up getting stuck on the delicate screen.

- Always put your batteries back on the charger when you are done so they are charged and ready to go the next time you want to break out your Launch Box.


- If you have a stir tool use that to scrape the inside of the Magic Flight, not the tray itself which is easily punctured, but the 2 "ledges" to the left and right. Your leftover material often gets caught in those spots and a stir tool usually works well to scrape anything off of there that the brush can't get.

Advanced Techniques:

- When using the Magic Flight always keep one battery on the charger and do not use the battery you are using until it is dead. Use the first battery for about 5 pulls and then I grab the battery that is on the charger and put the one I just used on the charger. This will ensure pretty much an endless supply of charged batteries, unless of course you are using it with friends. In that case you definitely want to pick up at least one extra battery pack.

- Check out the 3ft Party Whip if your goal is to get the biggest pull possible.

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