Tips and Tricks: Vape-Or-Smoke


Before Use:

- If you are vaporizing with the Vape-Or-Smoke make sure you adjust the flame level as low as you possibly can and from there if it isn't vaping as much as you would like you can keep adjusting the flame level higher from there.

During Heat Up:

- While the Vape-Or-Smoke is heating your material be careful that your flame level is not too high, even if you want to achieve combustion. The flame being too high could result in smoke or vapor that is far too hot for comfort.

While Using:

- Do not leave the lighter on the entire time you are inhaling. When you feel the appropriate temperature of smoke or vapor you are looking for move the mouthpiece back down, while still inhaling, and the flame should go off. This will allow you to get a pull consistent to the temperature you are looking for.

After Use:

- After you are done using the Vape-Or-Smoke, make absolutely sure you let it cool to room temperature before placing it away. This shouldn't take any longer than 5 minutes depending on how long you were using the unit.


- When cleaning the Vape-Or-Smoke under no circumstances should you expose the lighter to any type of cleaning agents or solvents. Doing this could ruin the lighter and in turn your Vape-Or-Smoke. When you disassemble the Vape-Or-Smoke simply place the lighter aside while you clean the other pieces.

- If your mouthpiece begins to stick or is getting really hard to open at all there is a simple solution, it just needs to be cleaned. With the Vape-Or-Smoke upkeep and cleaning is very important.

Advanced Techniques:

- If you are finding vaporizing with the Vape-Or-Smoke too difficult one trick you can use is exposing the herb chamber and leaving it exposed by pushing the unit up. By not closing it this will put more distance between the flame and your material, helping to avoid combustion. But while using this method you have to be careful not to let your material spill from the chamber and this method also should NOT be used outdoors.

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