Tips and Tricks: Vapir NO2

Vapir NO2

Before Use:

- Plug in your new Vapir NO2 in and set the temperature to about 400 degrees Fahrenheit and then let it sit for about 15 minutes so any oils present from the manufacturing process burn off. This is very important to fully enjoying your first experience with the Vapir NO2.

During Heat Up:

- Perfect timing: While the NO2 is heating up you should be grinding your material, if you haven't already. By the time you finish your NO2 should be just about ready to use!

- Grinding your material is absolutely essential with the NO2! Aim to grind your herbs as fine as possible when using this vaporizer to maximize efficiency and effect.

While Using:

- Use the included scoop to load material into the NO2 herb chamber. Although it may seem unneccesary, this little scoop holds the perfect amount of herb for your NO2. Ideally, you want a full scoop of material, loosely packed and leveled off (like a cup of flour). Doing it this way will guarantee you get the most out of your new vape every time you use it and will help avoid overpacking and obstruction of airflow.

- Gently shake the NO2 a bit after each pull to stir your material. You can also open the top and use a stir tool but that can waste precious vapor left is in the chamber. Shaking the vape side to side gently generally works well, but your results may vary.

- The NO2 produces thick, clean vapor that can sometimes dry out the throat a bit. While of minor concern, it certainly doesn't hurt to have a glass of cold ice water on hand when vaporizing with the NO2 (or any other vape that produces extremely dense vapor).

After Use:

- The Vapir NO2 can easily be knocked over and from time to time has been reported to "die" after suffering a steep fall onto a hard surface. Find a secure and stable place for your new NO2 and return if faithfully after each use. 


- After each and every session use the included brush to get rid of any material left behind. Be sure to let the vaporizer cool down before using the brush as the heat will melt the small bristles, rendering it useless (as we learned, first hand). The herb chamber of the NO2 can be incredibly difficult to clean if not constantly maintained with use, so making this practice habit will help you avoid major headaches down the road.

- Use extreme care when dealing with the NO2's herb chamber while cleaning, especially if you are using a glass or metal stir tool. The chamber contains a tiny screen and if it is punctured the NO2 must be sent back to the manufacturer for a refurbishing, in most cases on your dollar. Use only the included wooden stir tools (or similar) to reduce the risk of damaging the screen.

Advanced Techniques:

- After packing the NO2 for the first time when you first pull you'll see thick vapor rush through the whip tubing, but subsequent pulls won't be quite as thick. This is a normal occurence that happens as the material is vaporizing. To maximize the vapor density, wait 20-30 seconds before the first pull (after filling the herb chamber) and then 10 seconds or so in between each additional pull until finished. It can also be a good idea to stir your material intermittently if it can be done efficiently, but the benefits of this practice with the NO2 are debatable.

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