Tips and Tricks: Vapir One v5.0

Vapir One v5.0

Before Use:

- Before using the Vapir One v5.0 you'll want to look into picking up the table stand for this vape. By purchasing the table stand you can make the Vapir one completely hands free. I'm sure you know the benefits of a hands free vaporizer already but in addition to the added convenience the vapor is actually more consistent because the unit is in a fixed position.

- Never over pack the herbal disk. This is very important because even the slightest bit too much will greatly reduce your vapor output and end up wasting material.

During Heat Up:

- While the Vapir One is being heated up you can pack some herb disks ahead of time for easy switching while vaping.

- Also while the vape is heating up try to keep it as upright as possible, when it isn't upright it tends to over heat easier. If you purchase the table stand this is something you won't have to be concerned with.

- The Vapir One is known to heat up pretty fast, but this also causes the outside to get a little warm. So once again we always suggest picking up the optional stand for it.

While Using:

- If you load 2 disks ahead of time you can switch between them intermittently and stir the one that you aren't currently vaping with. This will stretch the life of your material and get you all of the essential ingredients out of your material.

After Use:

- When you are done using the Vapir One make sure to remove the used material from the herb disk but do not touch the disk right away. It is best to remove the drawer on the Vapir One that contains the herb disk and dump the disk out to let it cool before emptying it.


- The balloons on the Vapir One can actually be cleaned rather easily by flushing hot water through them, this will remove any sticky build up you may get. It may take a couple times of flushing water through it but shouldn't be more than about 3 times.

Advanced Techniques:

- Many people have built their own stands for the Vapir One. Most build a stand to hold it sitting upright, like as if it were a Volcano, and many have reported better vapor results when using a stand.

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