Tips and Tricks: Vapman


Before Use:

- Before you pack the Vapman make sure you take the included funnel tube (looks like a metal ring) and place it around the herb chamber. The purpose of this funnel is to avoid any material getting between the brass heating plate and the wooden body of the vaporizer. This is very important but easily overlooked, so always be sure to use it. If you don't you are going to end up getting some material that is going to burn on the outside of the vape and stain the wood pretty easily.

During Heat Up:

- While holding the butane torch to the bottom of the Vapman you want to slightly angle the Vapman, but not too much because you don't want all your material pushing to one side because it will unevenly vaporize it.

- Make sure that you are paying attention to the Vapman while you are heating it because after about 5 seconds you should see vapor start to creep out a little bit and that is when you immediately want to pull from it.

While Using:

- Each time you pack the Vapman a full herb chamber should get you about 2 to 3 pulls tops. Don't keep pulling from the same pack past that because you will quickly get the dreaded burnt popcorn taste. Not only will it taste bad but you will be burning your material at that point and not vaporizing it.

After Use:

- When you know the material is definitely done, simply poor it out of the Vapman and brush off the brass heat plate to get any leftover material off. When repacking it make sure you use the funnel tube to do so. If you don't have a brush handy you can also use one of the metal pegs that stick out of the bottom of the cap of the Vapman when the top is separate from the bottom. Just make sure you use this only to break up the vaporized material so that it will easily fall off the hot plate. Do not apply a lot of pressure with the metal peg to the hot plate because you could scratch or damage it.


- The Vapman doesn't require a lot of cleaning, mainly you will want to keep up with brushing off the brass heating plate so there is no build up of leftover material. When the brass is looking a little dirty it is best to take some soapy water and dip a q-tip in it. Then take the q-tip and swab around the heating plate to clean any material that is stuck to it off. Once done of course wipe it off with a wet rag to get any chemicals/soap off of it before your next use. If the wet rag is too large to wipe it off simply wet another q-tip with plain water and use that.

Advanced Techniques:

- By adding one of the three different Magic Flight Launch Box whip tubing accessories (one foot, two foot, or three foot) you can vastly improve the smoothness of the Vapman. By removing one mouthpiece from the whip tubing you can slip the tubing right over the white mouthpiece of the Vapman.

- After heating the hot plate for about 6 to 7 seconds and you take your initial pull the hot plate is still going to be warm, allowing you to pull 1 or 2 more times and achieve vaporization. This is a great way to ensure you don't end up burning your material.

- Experiment with different flame levels on your pocket torch. For example, we found that using a lower flame and a longer heating time resulted in a smoother and more precise vapor than say a high flame level and short heating time.

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