Tips and Tricks: Vapolution 2.0

Vapolution 2.0

Before Use:

- Since you are not supposed to grind up your material before use you may find that you have to pack the Vapolution more often than you would like. To get around this you can move the black washer higher up on the glass bowl side of the whip. This will give you more space to put material in the bowl side of the whip and you will not have to pack the Vapolution as often. Conversely, if you slide the washer lower you can pack less and make sure none of your material is going to waste.

During Heat Up:

- While you are waiting for the Vapolution to heat up, which should be about 4 to 5 minutes, one method of uninterrupted vaporizing with this vape is to pack a couple of the straight bowls at a time rather than one. The Vapolution comes with two straight bowls, medium and large, and packing both for a longer session will allow you to quickly change between the two while in use.

While Using:

- While you are vaporizing you want to adjust your temperature periodically to get the vapor thickness you desire. Another good trick to get the appropriate vapor thickness is to play with different positions of the black washer on the glass bowl end of the whip. By putting it deeper into the Vapolution it can get you a thicker vapor.

After Use:

- When done, remove the glass bowl end of the whip from the Vapolution and strongly blow through the mouthpiece end of the whip to discharge the vaporized material. After that it's a good idea to use a pipe cleaner to get any material stuck to the sides, so there isn't build up that will clog the whip in the future.


- All the parts of the Vapolution can be cleaned rather easily, glass parts should be soaked in rubbing alcohol for about 8 hours and then rinsed. However, the food grade tubing is not easy to clean and is usually replaced instead because of how thin it is. To cut down on the whip getting dirty rather fast you can cut the tubing down a little bit. This will make time between replacing a lot longer.

Advanced Techniques:

- Since the Vapolution doesn't use a fan you can attach the mouthpiece end of the whip to your water tool and use the additional water filtration to achieve a smoother vapor. You may have to pull a little harder to get as big of a pull as you want, but the added water filtration makes the vapor quality even more enjoyable.

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