Tips and Tricks: VaporTower


Before Use:

- Before using the VaporTower for the first time be sure to crank the heating knob all the way up and let the vape heat to it's maxiumum temperature and stay heated for about 15 minutes. This will burn off any packing oils the manufacturer may have used that are still on the heating element from the shipping process. This is important not only for health reasons but also because it will result in a cleaner tasting vapor.

During Heat Up:

- While the unit is heating up you want to pack the dual screen bowl piece that is attached to the vapor whip. The dual screen is very similar to the Extreme Q and other vaporizers that have a vertical airflow system and the advantage to this system is it securely holds your material. Make sure not to pack too much in between the screens though, because then if you pull too hard you are are going to clog the screen and it will need replacing a lot sooner than necessary.

While Using:

- While you are using the VaporTower it is very wise to use a stir tool to mix your material around in the bowl of the handkit. This should be done either between each pull or between every other pull. The more you stir it, the more you will get out of your material.

After Use:

- Give the VaporTower ample time to cool off before storing it away. This is important so you don't damage anything in the area you are storing it in.

- Do not put the VaporTower in a cool area directly after using it. If you have it still hot from use and you store it in a cold room, for example a basement, it will cool down too fast and can quickly result in the wood the vaporizer is made of cracking and splitting.


- Cleaning the VaporTower is pretty standard, using wood cleaner for the outside and rubbing alcohol or a cleaning agent for the glass parts. The VaporTower handkit is actually a little easier to clean than most other handkits because of it's food grade silicone tubing, soaking it in soapy water or running it through hot water works best.

Advanced Techniques:

- The VaporTower can actually be used in conjunction with a water tool. The size of the silicone tubing on the VaporTower's handkit will nicely fit most water tool's down stem or bowl area. Simply use the vape as you normally would but instead of pulling from the mouthpiece you remove it and stick the end of the tubing into the water tool.

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