Tips and Tricks: Volcano


Before Use:

- Before you use the Volcano Digit or Volcano Classic, one thing you want to make sure you didn't do is over pack the herb chamber. This is standard for any vape but I especially point it out in the case of the Volcano because the herb chamber is so large that sometimes it becomes easier to just pack it full to the top, so just beware you don't do that.

During Heat Up:

- While the Volcano is heating up, usually only takes 2 to 3 minutes, have the amount of balloons you are going to fill ready with the caps next to them. When filling the balloons it is very easy to pull it off of the Volcano and waste a lot of vapor while fumbling for the mouthpiece, so have it ready.

While Using:

- Some may have the tendency to fill a bunch of balloons at once and leave a couple sitting around before using them, this is something you want to avoid. You can leave a couple sitting around but it will eventually waste some of the vapor so it is suggested that you fill each balloon right before use.

- Before each balloon you will also want to open the herb chamber and mix around your material so that each balloon has a similar vapor density and quality.

After Use:

- When you are done using the Volcano always make sure each balloon you filled is completely empty. Leaving any vapor lingering in there can turn the balloons yellow.


- As with all vapes, make sure when you are done you completely empty the herb chamber and brush it off to get any leftover material that is on the screen out of there.

- All the parts of the Volcano can be easily cleaned with a cleaning solution. We suggest Formula 420 Cleaner as it is effective and has a less harsh odor than rubbing alcohol. As far as the balloons it is recommended those are replaced rather than cleaned, you can find replacements here.

Advanced Techniques:

- Once you have vaporized your material and you think it is done there is one thing the Volcano excels at and that is getting everything out of your material. So when you think the material might be shot, give it one more try and it may surprise you by getting another full balloon.

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