Tips and Tricks: VripTech Heat Wand 3.0

VripTech Heat Wand 3.0

Before Use:

- Before you get started if you purchased the glass stand (good idea) for the VripTech Heat Wand 3.0 you'll want to have that ready and rest the Heat Wand in there. If you didn't purchase the glass stand you will have to find something for the Heat Wand to rest on/in. If we had to recommend something we would go with a glass surface if at all possible.

During Heat Up:

- While the Heat Wand is heating up in the glass stand you want to prep your water tool for use. It is best to always dump the previously used water and use fresh ice cold water to guarantee an extra smooth and cool vapor. Also be sure to have the Heat Wand's vaporization chamber bowl attached to the water tool's bowl.

- In addition to adding fresh, ice cold water to your water tool before each use you will also want to fill the chamber you pull from with ice cubes right up to the mouthpiece. Now the vapor will pass through cold water as well as ice cubes, giving you the coolest and smoothest vapor that this vaporizing combo has to offer.

While Using:

- The best way to use the Heat Wand is to take a long slow pull and then exhale, but right after exhaling take another long pull. The first pull helps the vapor through the water filtration, the following would be your actual pull to clear the water tool.

After Use:

- After you are done be sure to rest the Heat Wand back in the glass stand and turn it off. Give it at least 15 minutes to cool down before storing it back away. The last thing you need is to store the Heat Wand away and end up burning yourself or damaging what you put it in.


- Cleaning the Heat Wand is pretty standard, you can use glass cleaner or soapy water but really since none of the material comes in contact with the Wand itself it doesn't require cleaning unless you get it dirty yourself. The glass cover on the Heat Wand can break easily if dropped so be sure when storing it away you have it secure so you can avoid the glass heater cover breaking.

Advanced Techniques:

- The Heat Wand only takes about 7-10 minutes to heat up but you can reduce the heat up time by placing the Heat Wand heater side down into the glass stand, or a coffee mug will even work, because the rising heat is trapped by the glass or mug and helps it heat faster.

- With most vaporizers you are warned not to over pack the bowl or herb chamber to avoid wasting material but with the Heat Wand you want to pack the bowl fully. As said by the manufacturer the bowl is "deceptively small" so packing it full will not waste material.

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