Tips and Tricks: Wispr

Before Use:

- First order of business is making sure your Wispr is full of butane. This is now really easy by using the butane window on the Wispr. When you fill it make sure the butane can is facing downwards, doing it the opposite way is not going to fill it properly. After filling it you need to wait at least 15 minutes before firing up the Wispr. The reason being is the butane is initially very cold and it will make it more difficult for the Wispr to properly heat up.

- When filling the herb chamber be sure not to fill it directly to the line, instead stop a little before the edge of the chamber so you do not waste any material. You have to keep in mind the Wispr's chamber is larger than the Iolite so there is no need to over pack it.

During Heat Up:

- After the Wispr begins heating up make sure you do not have the herb chamber attached unless it is empty. Leaving the herb chamber on empty can help it heat up a little faster most times.

- When the Wispr is heated up instead of flipping the chamber upside down and inserting it into the Wispr flip the Wispr upside down so the heating pin is facing the ground and insert the packed herb chamber. This will make sure you don't spill any of the material and no material gets smashed in between the chamber and heating pin.

While Using:

- While you are using the Wispr take small and quick pulls. If you take longer drawn out pulls you risk getting butane, or the butane flavor, into your vapor.

After Use:

- After you are done using the Wispr make sure you clear out the herb chamber completely. If you leave the used material in the chamber it can not only stick to the side and top of the herb chamber, but it can also stick to the heating pin making cleaning later on harder than it has to be.


- Cleaning the Wispr is made really easy with the included cleaning materials. In addition using a q-tip with a solvent or soapy water mixture to clean the heating pin and herb chamber works great.

Advanced Techniques:

- The Wispr experience can actually be enhanced by using one of the Magic Flight whip tubing additions. They come in a 1ft Personal Size, 2ft Desktop Size and 3ft Party Size and each makes the experience with the Wispr better.

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