Vaporizer Skill Levels

To make it easier to shop for your new vaporizer we have categorized our product line by skill level. Skill levels are based on the comprehensive research of our expert team but perceived level of difficulty may vary depending on the individual user. 


Arizer Solo
Atmos A-Pen Kit
Atmos Optimus 510 Kit
Atmos RAW
Atmos Thermo
Da Buddha
DaVinci Vaporizer
Easy Vape
Hot Box
Magic Flight Launch Box
Palm Vaporizer
Silver Surfer
ThermoVape Evolution
Vapor BLUNT Pro Kit
Volcano Digit

Vaporizers in this category are perfect for people who are new to the concept of vaporization. These vapes are fast and hassle free to get started with and easy to master with average use. These vaporizers can be used effectively with little to no experience or practice.

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Arizer V-Tower
Atmos Nail 510
Atmos Nuke
Eclipse Handheld
Incredibowl Vapor Dome Set
Omicron v2 Kit
Persei Kit
Plenty Vaporizer
ThermoVape Combo Kit
ThermoVape Revolution
Vapor Genie
ViVapeVolcano Classic

Vaporizers in this skill level category may initially seem confusing to the beginner but can be mastered in a short time with some trial and experimentation. Intermediate vaporizers are ideal for beginners who may already own a vape and are looking to take it to the next level. More advanced vapor enthusiasts will be able to pick up and use these vaporizers with ease.

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Arizer Extreme Q 4.0
Herbal Aire H2.1
Iolite 2.0
Vapir One v5.0
Vapir Oxygen Mini
Volatizer VM3
Zephyr ION

Some of the best vaporizers available fall into the advanced category. These vaporizers work best when you have developed an effective technique in using them. Advanced vaporizers involve multiple steps in set up or usage that beginners may find confusing or frustrating but remain easy to use for the vapor enthusiast who has graduated to this level. Once mastered these vapes are known to deliver spectacular results each and every time.

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 Vapman  Vapman Junior  VripTech Heat Wand 3.0

Vaporizers in the expert category may require special handling, experience, and technique to properly and effectively operate. As expected, vaporizers in the expert category are ideal for the vapor connosuier who has multiple vapes of several types and is searching for the perfect vapor extraction.

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