Waiver of Signature Agreement

By requesting a Signature Waiver you agree to be bound by the following statements and terms:
I have approved the delivery of all products purchased from EZVapes.com to the shipping address as it appears on my current order, and hereby voluntarily request that the signature requirement on my package(s) be waived.
In doing so, I confirm that I have reviewed my shipping address for accuracy and errors. I take full responsibility for any loss or damage for products I have requested be delivered without an authorized signature. 
I understand that by waiving the signature I will not be eligible for a refund or replacement under any circumstances if my order is lost, missing or damaged once marked as delivered. 
EZVapes.com may from time to time require signature upon delivery despite the customer's request for waiver. Reasons for this may include high ticket value, predominantly glass items, and/or delivery area. 
In these cases, EZVapes.com will immediately notify the customer with alternative delivery options. If a signature is required on any specific order and the customer prefers to cancel for a full refund, this can be done quickly and easily by contacting customer service by telephone prior to shipment.
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Toll free 855-398-2737 Open Mon-Fri 10A-6P Eastern or later.
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