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Kanger Subtank Mini
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4 stars, based on 4 reviews
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The Kanger Subtank Mini is an advanced clearomizer that blends cloud chasing and flavorful vapor production in one durable 4mL capacity tank. This is the first tank to pack the prebuilt OCC (organic cotton coil) atomizer and RBA (rebuildable atomizer) in one kit.

Quickly switch between the prebuilt OCC and RBA to create a vaping experience completely customized to your liking. The threaded base makes swapping the top quality OCC and completely customizable RBA base quick and easy.

An air flow control ring at the bottom of the tank allows you to adjust the amount of air mixing with the vapor for complete control. Cover or expose one, two, or a wide open hole to customize your vapor drawers. The adjustment ring features a satisfying click that holds the position you've set.

The 22mm width makes this tank a perfect pair for most batteries and mods. Made from stainless steel and Pyrex glass, the durable design is satisfying to the feel and built to last.

Thick o rings and machined threading make a secure and leak resistant environment for e liquids, while being completely free of glues and adhesives for a pure vapor experience.

This tank comes with everything you need to start sub ohm vaping right out of the box and even includes a rebuildable deck and all of the tools needed to wrap your own coils.

EZVapes.com stocks only real genuine authentic brand name Kanger products. This includes all Kanger branded batteries, chargers, carts, atomizers, and accessories.

Note: It is the customer's responsibility to provide a suitable battery for use with subohm OCC and RBA. The OCC atomizers are not compatible with tanks outside of the Subtank series.


- 1 x Kanger Subtank Mini
- 1 x OCC Sub 0.5 ohm / 15 - 60 W Atomizer
- 1 x OCC 1.2 ohm / 10 - 26 W Atomizer
- 2 x RBA 0.5 ohm / 30 W Coils
- 1 x Japanese Organic Cotton
- 1 x Mini RBA Base
- 1 x Pyrex Glass Tube
- 1 x Screw Driver
- 2 x Screws
- 1 x Manual

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Kanger Subtank Mini


  The Welder - Dec 17 2015, 08:40 AM

"Strong little tank but leaks like a sieve"

Kanger Subtank Mini

Decent tank

  Anonymous - Jun 21 2015, 02:11 AM

"The kanger subtank is a good tank in my opinion. One of the issues I have had with it is the only ring seal isn't impressive and tends to leak a small amount when just sitting there. Also after priming a coil tends to leak a lot if you over prime it but not over priming in my opinion makes your coil taste a little off until heavily saturated in juice."

Kanger Subtank Mini

Love It!!!!

  Himmikatz - May 12 2015, 14:23 PM

"I'll try to make this short & sweet. I've been vaping for about a year now & have used several different mods as well as gone through my fair share of different tanks. The mods I currently use are Itaste VV (which was my first), Itaste CLK & Ego VV/VW APV plus I keep a cheap Ego pen you can pick up in any corner mart. My favorite tank by far until recently was the Aspire BDC tanks both the smaller & larger version depending on the mod I was using. I recently started hearing about the adjustable airflow tanks & purchased an AnyVape Peakomizer, there was a noticeable difference in the amount & thickness of the cloud when using the Peakomizer & I loved that it was a top filling tank however when I would refill it I would have to let it sit for hours before using it otherwise it sounded as if it was flooded & I would get a lot of juice in my mouth as well then I noticed it was also leaking at times around the airflow adjuster so I started researching other adjustable airflow tanks & came across the Aspire Atlantis but when I finally went to a store to purchase it I realized the drip tip was very large & not able to be changed out & realizing this was probably something I wouldn't be able to get use to the salesman suggested then Kanger Subtank Mini and assured me it would fire on both my Ego VV/VW APV & Itaste CLK (after all I didn't want to spend $40.00+ on a tank I couldn't use) I purchased the Kanger Subtank mini. Excited to try it out I got it home, opened it read the manual and although I have no idea about rebuilding your own coils thought it was neat that this tank gave you that option!! I get the tank filled put it on my Ego APV and pushed the button & nothing happened!!!!! The digital screen was telling me that my voltage was low so I changed my battery and still nothing, put it on my Itaste CLK and again nothing!!! I was so upset mainly because I made it a point to ask if it would work on my mods of which I had with me at time of purchase so the salesman knew exactly what I was using and yet he still told me yes so either he was just a flat out liar or un informed which is still a bad thing. I guess that was my lesson for going to a vape shop that wasn't my normal shop? So a few hours later after doing more research as to what mods will fire the Subtank mini I decided to drive over to my trusted vape shop rather then ordering a new mod online after all I was excited to use this new tank, so I told them I purchased this tank for these mods and they knew immediately what my problem was & gave me 4 different options to choose from ranging in price from $20.00-$80.00 & after trying all 4 mods with my new tank I went with the 50W Eleaf Istick!! Love the new mod but best of all Iove the Kanger Subtank Mini!!! The vapor you get is amazing, the flavor is spot on and the fact that you have the option to rebuild yourself or use premade coils is a huge plus, maybe now I will take the time to learn? The only draw back I see is that it's a bottom fill tank but I can live with that as most my tanks are!!! So I guess the point of this review is that although the price tag for this tank may shock some people what you get is well worth it, this is an amazing well built tank & honestly I think this tank is just as good for a beginner as well as a seasoned vaping vet just wish I had more then the 1 mod it will fire on because when my Istick is charging I'm unable to use my Aubtank Mini, lol"

Kanger Subtank Mini

Subtank mini

  jake rupard - Apr 29 2015, 22:46 PM

"I did my due dilligence prior to pulling the trigger on the subtank Mini. I'm a huge fan of kangertech and their products. I started vaping an evod. Loved it. Single coils were easily rebuilt and I couldn't imagine needing anything more substantial. But we all know how the. Vaping bug bites and once bitten there's no turning back. I soon moved on to bigger and better With a VV/VW mod and an Aerotank Mega. Another finely crafted kanger product. Really check one out. The range of dual cool resistances is amazing. Haven't finely crafted the rebuilds yet. A little more complicated than the single coils but replacements arnt too bad on the wallet. A good deal found, Buy in Bulk! I never thought I would need to move on. I had Gould my perfect combination. Well the big bit again and I started getting tired of hanging batteries all day so I opted for the brand new itaste mvp 3.0 box mod. Fantastic piece of equipment and fires the Aerotank beautifully. After feeling the power of a battery thAt will last all day on almost constant vaping the Aerotank I found myself wanted to unlock the 30 watt potential my new friend possessed. I researched sub ohm atomizers. Sticking with kanger was my goal but I wasn't locked and lovey Aerotank mega. I read a lot about the subtank series. A lot of pros some cons and seeing as they already perfected the subtank standard to the plus I held off. I didn't like the size and that it would over hang my box mod. I ordered a subtank mini as it wAs roughly the same size as my Aerotank mega so I figured I knew what I was getting. Was I wrong! The subtank mini comes with the RBA Attachment, extra O rings in black (to match my mod, and a ton of extras. Seriously! I also liked that the optimum range was 15-30 watts so it wasn't beyondy mods capabilies. A lot of wiggle room for fine tuning. It's easy to use. Identical to the Aerotank in filling upside down and Installing coils. But this thing has flow... Air flow. It's a lot louder than the mega but the flavor and clouds are over the top. I really can match up with some of my buddies building their own coils on mech mods. The taste is astounding. So much more flavor production than the Aerotank. Down side to the subtank is it drains battery faster. Of course since I'm running it between 17-22 watts on the .5 ohm coil, and it sucks down juice. If I roll on it for a while, 30-50 pulls its empty. My Aerotank would last hours of steady vaping but the quality of vape is way more satisfying. Fed don't vape higher than 3mg mic level or you'll spim your head!!! I still consistently hit the Aerotank, love it, but since purchasing the subtank the aero leaves something o desired and I find myself switching back to the sub for the quality. The only other draw back is if you think the Aerotank is loud on its wide open setting the subtank is 10x louder. Almost like your dining sit through a cardboard paper towel roll. Especially wide open. I was a little turned off by this at first and though I made a mistake but once I switched back to the aero I really could see the difference and I'm a believer. Subtank mini for me is great. Great manufacturer, great reputation, tons of "goodies" come with it. The RBA ability is a really nice feature. It is compact but kanger provides all the tools and parts to hook a kanger premade coil in it right off the bat to show you how to start and tweak the cool to your liking from there. I still use the Aerotank but everytime I use it now I fell like I'm missing out on a true vaping experience the subtank provides me. Thanks kanger! Also I'm on tank 8 of my first coil and it tastes great no drop in cloud or taste production. I've also not experienced any leaking but I'm very meticulous about keeping my atomizers staying vertical. It goes in my pocket of course and no accidents. Everything screws together extremely tight but still easily broken apart again for refills. It is a tank of s tank! But kanger also gives you extra glass just in case! Can't wait to see what's next, but I think the subtank... And the trusty aero when I need it, will keep me vaping on for quite sometime into the future!"

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