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Lighter Mate
Lighter Mate Lighter Mate The Lighter Mate is the world's first magnetic lighter. The lighter itself has two magnets inside to stick to any magnetized surface…
Atmos Rechargeable Flameless Lighter
Atmos Rechargeable Flameless Lighter Atmos RX presents their rechargeable battery operated flameless lighter for the ultimate in wind resistant ignition. Just slide the button down and th…
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Colored Flame Lighter
Colored Flame Lighter This refillable electronic butane lighter spits a ruby red or emerald green jet torch flame with a click of its button. Makes an awesome effect when l…
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Refillable Electronic Lighter
Refillable Electronic Lighter Refillable Electronic Lighter These handy lighters use a button to light instead of the classic lighting method used by BIC lighters, which is much e…
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